People who wear glasses already have to deal with a few extra steps to take care of their eyes, and now due to the current coronavirus pandemic, there is another problem that we are facing. Wearing a face mask, make the glasses foggy, and ends up blurring our vision. This may sound like a simple thing, but if you think deeper, this actually is a very serious issue, especially when you’re driving, walking on the road, or cooking. In a matter of seconds, while you try to clean up the fog out of irritation, any causality can take place. If you wear specs and are tired of the deposition of fog on your spectacles, here are some remedies that will help you!

Why Do Glasses Fog Up?

Science has the answer to this question. You must have studied the process of condensation in your school, and the same applies here. The glasses remain cool, since they are in the open air. Your breath, on the other hand, is warmer. So when the warm air hits a cool surface, it reacts and creates fog, which then settles on the lenses. 

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Tricks & Remedies To Keep Glasses From Fogging

Tricks & Remedies To Keep Glasses From Fogging

Soap & Water 

While you wash your face with a clearing face wash in the morning, also scour your glasses with soap, water solution. Take a mild soap, put in a bowl full of water, and rub the soap a bit. Once the solution is ready, dip glasses in the bowl and clean the lenses. Take it out immediately and wipe it, using a microfibre cloth. These come along with the glasses. You must only clean the lenses with this fabric, to remove the soap residue and to protect it from getting damaged. 

 De-Misting Spray

De Misting Spray

These are the sprays, which are used to clean glasses flawlessly. There are different types of de-misting sprays available. While some are for cleaning bathroom mirrors and window glasses, others are specifically made to tidy up the spectacles. You can buy one according to your preference and something that will be compatible with your lens type or existing coatings on it. A very harsh spray might end up leaving scratches after a few use. Also, try herbal de-misting sprays, it is not likely to cause much harm to your eyes. 

Shaving Foam

If you have a male member in your family, then probably you can borrow the shaving foam from him. However, if this is not the case, buy it from your nearest general store. All you need to do is, apply a thin layer of shaving foam on the inside of your glasses, take a microfiber cloth, and then gently wipe it off. This will form a thin film on the lenses, that will protect it from misting up.

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Seal The Top Of Your Mask With Glasses 

Seal The Top Of Your Mask With Glasses

You don't want your breath to reach up to the glasses, so you can simply pull your mask a little higher, up until your nose, and then wear the glasses on the mask, by overlapping its opening. This will keep the warm air from depositing on the glasses. Before going out, also make sure that the glass, or the mask is not sliding down. Both of the situations can be irritating, so tie the mask tight enough and make sure you’re wearing your glasses correctly. 

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Tape It Mask 

This trick is also to solve the same purpose, not allowing warm air to reach up to the lenses. Only use a double side medical tape for this trick. Apply tape on the edges of the mask, on the nose and cheek, then wear the mask. Once it is in place, gently stick the tape on the skin. Dab to secure properly. In the evening, don’t rush to take off the mask, be light and gentle on your skin. Also, if you have sensitive skin, you might not want to try this remedy. 

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