Why You Should Go For A Road Trip At Least Once In A Lifetime?

By Tanya Malik29 Aug 2018, 10:58 IST

We all love travelling and travel very often, given a chance. We use different travel modes to travel. We travel by air, by rail but have you ever imagined travelling by road? Travelling in your own car gives you an altogether different experience. You get to pass through different climatic conditions, beautiful routes, dancing to the tune of the wind, listening to beautiful music and enjoying your drive. Medha Joseph, Co-founder - Embarq shares why you should travel alone at least once in life: 

You Get To Explore Yourself

Road trips help you explore yourself. Imagine you are off on a road journey and you see a beautiful sunset. You will stop by to take a picture and enjoy that experience and drive along. You can't do that when you are amid a rushed holiday where you fly in or where somebody has done your travel bookings. In these cases, you are only worried about hopping from one place to the other. 

You Experience Beautiful Things

Have you ever travelled through a small village? People are so warm, they make you feel special, invite you to their place and serve you something simple. You get to try authentic local cuisine of the place with lots of love. Such experiences come with road trips and they stay with your forever. Road trips are truly different and they bring along a lot of adventure. You have some funny experiences that make you laugh and live the moment! 

You Cross Language Barriers

You come across all language barriers when you travel by road. You may not know English or Russian but people out there are really beautiful. You will meet a lot of people on the journey and they will make it memorable for you. 

When you travel by road, you pass through different terrains and climatic conditions. You may be at a snowing place one day and a desert, the other day and that's the fun part of a road trip. We always look for a road that can take us to different places and that is what a road trip does to you. You cannot have a holiday in a better way!