Travelling Solo? Take Tips From A Frequent Solo Traveller

By Tanya Malik26 Oct 2018, 18:49 IST

Solo travelling is an extraordinary experience. It brings along an altogether different joy and excitement. If you too love to solo travel or wish to experience it anytime soon then here are some great tips from actress Shahana Goswami. She is a solo traveller and here are some essential tips from her:

Travel essentials

Shahana says that one essential she can’t do without is her phone. Your phone has everything right from your contacts to documents. Also, these days, you just can’t do without Google maps! 

Lip Balm

Lip balms are a commonly used beauty product. On the go, whenever you feel your lips going dry, use some lip balm. 

A Bottle Of Water 

You need to keep yourself hydrated all the time. It is best to keep a bottle of water with you handy to sip through the day. 

Pen And Paper

Are you still old fashioned in terms of writing down things on pen and paper? Shahana always carries along to write down her stuff. 


What are we without money? We need money all the time and you should keep it with you at all times while travelling. 

She gave some solo travelling tips too:

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Don’t trust people too easily 
  • Stay happy in your company