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    Places To Visit And What To Do In Rishikesh

    Rishikesh is a city of pilgrims but there is a lot more to do and discover! 
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    Published -19 Oct 2021, 12:24 ISTUpdated -20 Oct 2021, 12:03 IST
    what to do in rishikesh

    Located in the foothills of the Himalayas there is a beautiful small city in the mountains; Rishikesh in Uttarakhand which has around 100,000 inhabitants living in this city. The streets are crowded yet have very few cars on it. 

    Rishikesh is a mecca for tourists who love culture as the city is known for it's cultural and spiritual heritage. 

    Here we have a list of some of the things to do in Rishikesh.

    Rafting On The Ganges

     Rafting on the ganges

    Rafting can be an absolutely exhilarating experience and river rafting in Rishikesh is something you need to try at least once. It is absolutely fun to row on those big waves. 

    Your can even have fun swimming in the cold water which will definitely make your feel alive but make sure to swim when there is no strong current. After you get done with Rishikesh you can go to another beautiful and culturally rich city that has the Ganga flowing through it; the city is Varanasi. 

    Ram And Laxman Jhula

     Rishikesh jhulas

    Laxman Jhula is quite the attraction in Rishikesh and is definately a great place to cleck all the cute pictures for your Instagram. This suspension bridge located around 5kms north-east of the city of Rishikesh. Their is another larger bridge called the Ram Jhula which is situated 2 kilometres downstream from Lakshman Jhula.

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    Shopping In Rishikesh


    Shopping is the quintessential thing to do if you are on a vacation. The shopping area which comes after the Lakshman Jhula Bridge is really nice and you can easily fine souvenirs and gifts to take home like hand crafted bags, clothes, cards etc. 

    If you are lucky you even get to take some pictures with the monkeys around the city but try not to carry food in the open because the monkeys. might just gang up on you. 

    Trekking And Waterfalls

     cafes and waterfalls

    If you want the most beautiful trek and view then you better wake up around 04:15 am and leave for Kunjaa Puri (height 4050 ft). It is about 15 kilometers away from the main city of Rishikesh.

    There is a small beautiful temple where you could watch the sunrise and make a stop. If it's not foggy and the day is great you might get to see the great Himalayas from there. 

    The trek down is just as incredible as you get to see the beautiful paddy fields and the beautiful Neer Waterfall. If you are brave enough you can climb up about 20 meters next to the waterfall and swim there.

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    Places To Eat In Rishikesh

     cafes in rishikesh

    Little Buddha Café 

    Little Buddha Café is a cute treehouse cafe with people from everywhere. A great place to grab some yummy lunch and relax after a long trek. You can try their fruit platter and the mango lassi because they ace it to the max! 

    Devraj Coffee Corner

    Devraj Coffee corner is an adorable little  German bakery next to the Lakshman Jhula Bridge. Here you have a outstanding view of the Ganga terrace. Though the coffee is all right they have great apple flambe and breakfast options galore! You can definitely quench your thirst for sweet desserts here. 

    Bhandari Restaurant

    This sweet little restaurant near the Lakshman Jhula with an open kitchen where you can every tiny detail on how they prepare their meals. Craving South Indian food in North India? Don't you worry because this place has amazing South Indian food at a very affordable price point. 

    Pyramid Café

    This little restaurant is the hardest to find due to it's location. Unlike the rest this is located away from the main street. Pyramid cafe is known for it's amazing organic garden and their drinks. They offer a variety of yummy Indian, Mexican, Israeli, and Italian food. Here you can sit comfortably on cushions in a pyramid-shaped tent and the staff is really friendly.

    Madras Café

    One of the most well known cafes in Rishikesh is the Madras cafe. This cafe is near the second bridge called Ram Jhula. The café offers various decadent creamy lassis and the yummy desserts that are sure to explode on your tastebuds and even the staff is super friendly and nice.

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