Universally, Tarot is famous for just one of its specifications- Tarot Card Reading but there are many hidden remedies present in this  mystical world. Not many people know about the infallible therapies that Tarot compromises in itself. It doesn't mean that Tarot prohibits these miraculous therapies to be introduced in the world but there is insufficient awareness in the society to practice these activities. Two of these alchemic exercises are Mojo Bags and Zibu Symbols. These two metamorphic therapies can turn your world upside down.

What Are Mojo Bags

mojo bags

Tapsi Wadhwa, a professional Tarot Card Reader, Life Coach, and Relationship Counselor, shared with HerZindagi: "Mojo Bag or 'Potli' is a small flannel or cotton bag which healers make with a particular intention. The colour of your Mojo Bag depends upon the intention that you have for making a Mojo Bag. If you want prosperity in your life then a Green colour Mojo Bag filled with unique gems, spices, oils, herbs, etc, shall help you to achieve prosperity. Or, if you are searching for your better half then a Red colour Mojo Bag is perfect for you. Mojo Bags are very convenient as there are places to put those bags like under the mattress, or in the front pocket, or in the locker, and so on, whatever suits you best."

Tarot has some guidelines to take care of these bags.

  • To energise your Mojo Bag, it needs some specific affirmations and prayers on weekly basis.
  • If your Mojo Bag has tottered then there is a procedure to dispose of that bag safely.
  • If, you have lost your bag by mistake or your bag has been stolen then you may contact your healer to make another bag for you with same intention that your previous bag had. A person can have as many Mojo Bags as he/she wants. It all depends upon how many problems or blues he/she has in life to get rid of. Mojo Bags are very effective way to enhance the chances of success in your intentions.

What Are Zibu Symbols

zibu symbols

Wadhwa shared that Zibu Symbols are ancient Angelic Symbols which are used for healing and assisting your daily lives.

"There are 78 unique symbols that are drawn to acquire the feelings like love, passion, forgiveness, faith, etc. These Symbols are used to transmit that energy to a person which he/she is lacking. A healer can either draw these symbols on paper or just wave a finger in the air or even he/she can imagine drawing them in mind with closed eyes. Zibu Symbols are art which are used to give you emotional stability and strength and enhance your energy to reach your goals.'

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How To Use Zibu Symbols

These Symbols can only work when the intentions of the one who draws them are pure. Here is what Wadhwa shared.

  • There are unique colours for each and every purpose, like to acquire 'blessings' one should draw the given symbol with Green colour.
  • To acquire the feeling of 'eternal love' the symbol should be drawn with Pink or Red colour.
  • For gratitude, you must use black or brown colour to draw its symbol. 

In western countries, the culture of having tattoos of these Zibu Symbols is no new. Any healer can easily make tattoos of a Zibu Symbol related to his own or his beloved's concerns. 

  • To energise these magical symbols, there are various procedures like usage of colourfull candlesticks. You can lighten up some candles of specific colours (according to the symbol) around the symbol and use some healing affirmations and prayers to energise that symbol. There are many more methods like this but they all should be practiced with pure intentions and faith.

"There is no secret that can be concealed but the truth is, the giver and the receiver of the energies released from the process of these therapies, should be aware and honest about their intentions before performing them. Belief is another salient matter that should be present while executing these therapies," she added.

Tarot belongs to the world of magic, it has therapies for every misery which needs your belief to work. If you have belief in Tarot then you are eligible to experience the miracles that no other people have even imagined.

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