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8 Women Tell Us Things They Hate Seeing On Dating App Profiles

We spoke to 8 women to know what they dislike about men's dating profiles. Mirror selfies, group photographs, and low-quality photos?  
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -22 Jul 2022, 12:15 ISTUpdated -22 Jul 2022, 12:40 IST
dating profiles on apps that women hate

Online dating isn't just a fleeting fad. It has become a common way to get to know and meet new people. Most couples meet online nowadays. Online dating has also grown in popularity among Millennials and Gen Z, owing in part to applications like Tinder and Bumble. Their eagerness to embrace online dating is remarkable given that they are the first generation of adults to have grown up with the internet. 

While we know there are some potentially good matches out there, the green signal to the single female population sometimes gets lost in digital translation. To put things mildy, countless profiles on dating apps leave much to be desired. Let’s take a look at things women hate seeing on dating app profiles of potential matches.

Nothing Substantial

women share

“I just hate those profiles with shirtless pictures and nothing substantial in their bios, or every other profile describing themselves as ‘Sapiosexual’.”

-Khushboo Singh

Bathroom Selfies, Inane Sarcasm And Silly Tags

“I wouldn’t want to see some things like bathroom selfies, blurry pictures, inane sarcasm that brings people down. Also no weird account descriptions like ‘mysterious’, ‘wanderlust’, ‘cool dude’.”

-Shruti Srivastav

Too Proud About Height

too proud of height

“Please add more than your height in your bio. Just your height can't be your personality.”

-Lakshita Singh

The Not-So-Subtle Show Off!

“We don't want to see your luxurious cars or your expensive watches as the first thing on your profile. We want to see you.”

-Muskan Singh

No Profile Picture

“No profile picture, and a status ‘I swear I look good’.”

-Payal Chauhan

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Arrogant Prerequisites

women share dating

“Statuses like ‘don’t swipe if you can’t hold a conversation’ or any other such prerequisite. That’s a cocky requirement! Even if I can hold a conversation I will swipe left. Your status is for me to know about you. Not for you to tell me what I can’t be, if I swipe for you.”

-Prashrabhdi Kumar

Not Being Real


“Dating apps are a good way of getting to know other people but nowadays it is taking a different turn. So many people prefer to write cheesy bios or upload pictures which are way too attractive. They're not showing their real side which I don't appreciate. Anything which doesn't have a real touch in it, I don't proceed further. Strongly filtered pictures, fake accents, and showing off is a turn off for me.”

-Ankita Jain

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Group Pictures

“I'll never understand men who upload group selfies instead of their own. Would you like us to play a guessing game here?”

-Swati Aggarwal

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