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Things Curvy Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

From diet recommendations to fashion advice, here are 24 things curvy girls are tired of hearing.
Published -03 Jul 2022, 11:06 ISTUpdated -03 Jul 2022, 11:29 IST
Things Curvy Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

Curvy girls are the easiest targets for free useless advice from almost everyone in their lives. Everyone has an opinion about their physique, their diet as well as their fashion choices. Here are some of the things that curvy girls are tired of hearing!

curvy girl problems

1. "This item is not available in your size."

2. "This bra doesn't look nice on you". Even I want to wear those fancy bras.

3. "Don't wear those bodycon dresses, your tires will show. Don't wear those sleeveless clothes, your muscles will show."

4. "Wear more black clothes. It will make you appear slimmer."

5. "Don't sit on this table or it will break."

6. "Have you ever heard about the Keto diet?”

7. Do you know how my boyfriend broke up with me? He said, "In our family, we don't marry fat girls".

fat girl problems

8. "Strapless Bra... in 36 DD. You won't get it."

9. You will only get support from a bra with four hooks.

10. "Bittiya thodi bhaari ho gayi hai"

11. "You are not THAT fat!."

12. "You should eat less food. You are getting fatter."

13. "Your double chin is showing. It doesn't look good."

14. "You should pay a little attention to fitness also."

plus size women struggles

15. "If you lose just 5 kg, you will look hot."

16. "You should eat salads."

17. "Golu, Panda, Kaddu, etc." Don't I have a name?

18. "You should walk on a regular basis."

19. "You know my trainer told me about a diet. You should also try it."

20. "If you'll get slimmer, you will get married sooner."

21. "Have you got your thyroid checked?"

22. "Pull your top up. Your cleavage is showing."

23. "You're curvy, yet you're  wearing a crop top."

24. "Woww yrr... You need a lot of confidence."

If you are among those who speak in such a way, please stop. Even if you have the best of intentions when you say these things, the other person may get hurt and lose confidence.

What are some comments you are tired of hearing? Share your thoughts with us by commenting on our Facebook page.


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