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    'Don't Call Me Bhaiya' Rapido Driver Sends Inappropriate Messages To Woman

    Rapido driver sends a series of creepy texts to a woman who was a customer in the wee hours of the night. Woman gives a befitting reply by exposing him on Twitter. Read on to know what happened next.
    Updated at - 2023-03-16,17:57 IST

    Did you think that you could trust your Rapido driver enough to safely drop you at a location? If you naively thought yes, then think that over before you take the leap blindly. The sad reality is that most men  cannot be trusted enough to do their job professionally  How would you feel if they harassed you over messages inappropriately and at odd inappropriate hours of the day and night? 

    Apparently, this is a reality whereby a Rapido customer took to the microblogging site and tweeted with the caption saying, “Shared my location with a captain at @rapidobikeapp and this is what i get???? FUCK YOUR APP FUCK YOUR MEN FUCK MEN.(sic)” 

    The customer who goes by the username @husnpari on Twitter, shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat which details how a Rapido driver sent her a chain of inappropriate messages after she shared her location with him to pick her up from the spot.

    According to the screenshots of the messages sent by the driver, the man sent a series of texts in Hindi at 1:25 am asking the woman if she was awake. He had arrived only after seeing her display picture and hearing her voice otherwise he would not have come because her location was far away. Apparently, the driver also had the cheek to tell the customer in clear words that she shouldn’t call him bhaiya.

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    Woman’s Twitter Thread & Rapido’s Response To It

    chatThe sad state of affairs vis-a-vis womens’ plight and reality in this country are such that following her tweet posted on March 13, Rapido woke up from their slumber after 48 hours and reverted to her tweet on March 15 saying, “We have been relentlessly trying to reach you to get the Ride ID & your registered mobile no.

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    Please understand that these details are required urgently for us to be able to help you.” However, even after a lot of back and forth between the customer and Rapido, a resolution or apology still hasn’t come through in the case from the company’s end.


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