Meena Kumari Birthday Special: How Much Do You Know About This Late Veteran Beauty? Play This Quiz To Know

meena kumari quiz main

As on ode to the late veteran artiste Meena Kumari whose birthday falls on August 1, here is a fun quiz to help you know more about her.

meena kumari one

Besides being a superb actress and an amazing poet, what other occupations did Meena Kumari have?

filmfare meena kumari

How many Filmfare Awards did Meena Kumari get?


Meena Kumari won a Filmfare Award for a film which was remade with Vidya Balan in it. What is its name?

meena kumari film

Which film of her's was also considered similar to her own real-life story?

child meena kumari

As a child, Meena Kumari worked for which Vijay Production project?

parsi theatre meena kumari

Meena Kumari was attached to which theatre?

meena kumari husband

What was Meena Kumari's husband's name?

dharmandra meena

Which veteran actor has been linked to her in a romantic sense?

meena kumari

What was Meena Kumari also known as and nicknamed?