Lessons For A Working Woman By Expert Apurva Purohit

By Tanya Malik04 Sep 2018, 15:31 IST

Today, we talk about superheroes. The heroes who keep juggling work, home and a shedload of things in between. We talk about women. Women play different roles at a time, from a bank manager to a mother to a wife, they are everything and up for all the challenges that come forth in the two fronts. Women wish to give the best to both their worlds. While we talk about the life of a woman at work, we can't forget mentioning the book, Lady You're Not A Man, the adventures of a woman at work. This book by Apurva Purohit talks about a woman successfully balancing home and work. Apurva Purohit is a columnist and expert with Herzindagi.com. She has an important lesson for all the working women out there. Read along to know:

Breaking The Stereotypes

Society puts a lot of pressures on women and it is up to women how they break all the stereotypes and make their way to success. Columnist, Apurva Purohit shares how in her 30 years of professional career, she managed different roles of a woman successfully. She credits it to the hard work she put in and also to the fact that she always considered herself a professional first. The moment a woman starts treating herself as an individual and people around as equals, all stereotypes will automatically disappear. 

Learn To Say No

When focussing on something, you have to let go of a lot of things. After all, the other word for focus is a sacrifice. When you have to sacrifice something then that's the moment we have to learn to say no. Everything can't be achieved together and a woman needs to make choices and that is when you learn to say no. But again, all the choices should be made mindfully. 

Being Independent

A lot of women talk about independence, they talk of independence of choice, living where they want to, doing what they want to. One thing women miss out on the fact that they should be finally independent before anything else. In their minds, women should think of having both a family and a career. To make the best of both worlds, you should be focussed on both the worlds.

Are you a working woman? How do you maintain this balance between work and family? Share your story with us!