Is your living room looking dull and basic? Add some new elements by decorating the area around your TV. While you can decorate the rest of your living room with furniture sets or decorative pieces, the TV area is mostly left behind. Read on to know how you can amp up your TV wall and make it look chic and classy. These easy to implement ideas will instantly make your living space snazzy. 

Words And Quotes

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Some inspirational words or your favourite quotes can find their way on the TV wall. You can experiment with a number of different ways, when it comes to putting up quotes. You can conveniently place these words on top of your TV wall or any place around it. Glossy letters, hand painted quotes, and embroidered words are some of the options available at your disposal. By putting up quotes, you will not only get your daily dose of motivation but also add a personalised touch to your living room. 

Storage Cabinet

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Wish to use some idle space lying in your living room? Add a sleek cabinet near your wall. You can either go for a wooden rack or a painted one, as per the colour scheme of your home. It will not only come super handy in storing things, but also display decor pieces

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Using clocks for decoration can bring about a quirky yet vintage change to your room. Go for aesthetic clock pieces and use them to decorate the wall behind your TV. Use clocks of different shapes and sizes. You can either buy second hand pieces or visit a thrift shop to buy these clocks at reasonable rates. Just a little bit of smartwork can totally revamp the whole look of your living room and will make it look way more pleasing. 

Photo Frames

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Photo frame is a common but matchless decor item to make some difference to your living room. You can devote the wall behind your TV to these photo frames and decorate it as per your wish. Choose different coloured frames or go for monotone shades. You can also mix and match the shapes of photo frames. Arrange them in a symmetrical or irregular way, to suit your style the best. Add your most memorable pictures in them. Voila! Your own wall of memories is ready. 

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Plants And Greenery  

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It is always a good option to keep some indoor plants in your room. If your TV is mounted on a wall, you can go for big-potted plants like palm and umbrella trees to keep on the floor near it. On the other hand, if you have a TV which stands on a shelf, small plants like money plants, bamboo shoots and bonsai are the best for you. This decor idea will not only maintain a constant supply of oxygen but also give your room a newer look, on a budget. 

Shelves On Both Sides

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If you have a spacious living room which looks rather boring and empty, then it is time to fill it up. Get twin racks installed on both sides of your TV and decorate them in the way you want. You can put up pictures, decor pieces, lamps, plants or any other thing you want. It will give your room a fuller look by artistically amping it up. 

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Try any of the above given decor ideas and give your living room the much-needed change. 

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