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Flowers With Meanings That Will Surprise You

Flowers are a work of art by God and here we have a list of flowers with meanings that will surprise you.
  • Neha Pande
  • Editorial
Published -01 Nov 2021, 16:52 ISTUpdated -01 Nov 2021, 17:08 IST
beuatiful flowers with meaning

Everything has a connotative meaning behind it and so does the flowers. A rose is for a lover but a yellow rose can be given to a friend too or in Russia people only give flowers in an odd number since it represents a happy occasion while even number is considered a symbol of death. 

Here we have a list of sweet scented delights with connotative meanings that will surprise you. Maybe this will up your bouquet game and make you the queen of flowers. 


lotus flower

Lotus used often in Indian culture given it's importance; the Goddess Saraswati and Lord Brahma are often shown sitting on top of a big Lotus flower. In India the Lotus is a symbol of represents fertility, prosperity and beauty. It's mind-boggling that such a beautiful flower springs up from the mud. 

Not just in India but Lotus also has significance in other religions like Buddhism, Jainism etc. The connotative meaning of this flower in other countries is quite similar since it signifies rebirth, self-regeneration, purity, and enlightenment.


sunflower flower

The happy go lucky and sun loving Sunflowers are such a sweet and bright flower to look at. Did you know that when the Spaniards first reached America, they thought sunflowers were made of real gold! Thus this us why at times sunflowers were called out to signify "fake riches ".

Though now this meaning has changed as sunflowers are also called happy flower as it makes anyone looking at them feel all happy inside. It is used to signify adoration, loyalty and longevity. This is the perfect flower to gift a friend at the hospital to make them feel happy. 

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salvia flower

The art of making a bouquet uses an assortment of various flowers for the best meaning you want to convey. The flower Salvia comes in more than one meaning since each colour has a different meaning which can be fun but one colour out of place and the connotative meaning behind your whole bouquet is destroyed. 

A beautiful blue Salvia like the one above means  "thinking of you" which can either be towards a friend far away or a lover but a red Salvia means "forever mine". Getting the two mixed can either end up in a disaster or a sweet love story. 


Hibiscus flower

Hibiscus is a plant many might remember from old science books or pujas. This plant in itself has a sweet seductive smell which can attract people towards it. Hibiscus is a beautiful plant which signifies ephemeral beauty, romantic love and passion, friendship, hospitality, and joy.

The plant usually grows in tropical or warm climate like Asia. The plant is also Hawaii's official flower and it's symbology is deep rooted in the Hawaiian hula and culture. 

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Chrysanthemum flower

The name might be hard to spell or even pronnounce but the simple meaning behind Chrysanthemum is honesty. These beautiful fluffy flowers signifies honesty and friendship. The flowercan survive cool temperatures and is often a part of fall bouquets. 

The flower also signifies friendship and well-wishing for the Victorians, the Yang energy for the Buddhists, long life and as good luck for the Chinese. These are even used as the exclusive flower for memorial Day in Australia. 


Daffodil flower

The sweet little daffodils are a perfect addition to your bouquet as they symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. Daffodils are actually amongst the the first perennials to bloom after the winter frost which is why they symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. 

The Latin word for Daffodils is Narcissus which is similar and is believed to be named after the son of the Greek river God Narcissus who was so fascinated with his beauty that he fell in love with his reflection in the river which looks slightly similar to how daffodils bow down a bit as if staring at their own reflection in the river. 

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