Excited About The FRIENDS Reunion? Play This Fun Quiz & Keep The Buzz Alive!

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How big a fan are you of FRIENDS? How excited are you about the reunion finally airing soon? Prove it by playing this fun quiz!

friends one

When was the last episode of FRIENDS aired?

friends two

In which season did Chandler quit his job?

friends three

What was the name of the book Chandler gifted to his girlfriend Kathy?

friends four

What dessert was Rachel making originally before according to Ross, it tasted like feet!?

friends five

What was Phoebe's biological father's name?

friends six

According to Rachel, what was Chandler's profession?

friends seven

What was Brad Pitt's name in "The One With The Rumour"?

friends eight

In which episode of which season were Rachel and Ross on a break?

friends nine

How many pages long was Rachel's letter to Ross before she asked him "Do You"?

friends ten

When is the FRIENDS Reunion FINALLY Airing?