Decorating a house is very important to make sure it feels like your own personal space. However, if you live at a rented place then you might face certain difficulties in decorating your house. This is because with a rented house comes a cranky landlord who does not let you drill nails on the wall to hand frames, re-paint or even change a small door knob for that matter. Then how do we make a rented house feel like our home sweet home? To help you out with that question, here are a few home décor ideas for your rented house.


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A few pots won’t hurt, will they? Placing flower vases on the dining table can completely change the way your dining room looks. Adding tall vases beside the sofas and placing small indoor plants in the corners of the room. If you have a balcony, go all out and make it full of plants! 


A carpet can completely change the vibe of the room. If the hall is plain and boring, place a carpet on the floor, preferably below the center table to make the space look more elite. Since you obviously can’t change the flooring of the rented house, a carpet is the closest replacement. 

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Movable Furniture

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Let’s face it, when you move to a house, you do not always get storage units specific to your requirements. You obviously can’t construct another unit in the house so movable units come to your rescue. Buy the unit according to your space requirement and design ideas, place it absolutely anywhere in the house, pack it along when you move next! 

Hang Pictures On Fairy Lights 

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One of the coolest ideas when it comes to decorating a rented house. Hanging pictures on the wall is a strict no go. What you can do instead is hand fairy lights in your room and clip polaroid pictures on them. This will not only make your space feel personal to you but also create an extremely aesthetic vibe in the room!


In case the house you move to is fully furnished and you don’t have much scope of adding any furniture, you must use the power of colorful, quicky, sophisticated cushions to make the hall look different without much of a change. Say the sofa that is given is boring blue, add yellow cushion and make it look like a youthful spot to hang out!

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These were a few rented house décor ideas, stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such content!