It's okay if you feel sleepy at work. Your body is tired that is it! There are some easy ways to dealing with it so switch off that panic button dear women. I simply take power naps of 15-30 mins and believe me that works like a charm as I feel completely recharged but if you want more options, read on and chill. Get some green tea for yourself and read while you sip on it. Point one!

Give Your Eyes a Break  

You cannot keep your eyes fixed on the screen all the time. This strains the eyes and makes you feel tired and at times gives headaches. Look away from the screen for a few minutes periodically to relax your eyes.

Eat a Healthy Snack 

yogurt snacks sleep office

No, I would not suggest sugary snacks at all. Instead, healthy snacks is what we recommend. Have snacks which will provide better overall energy in the long run like yogurt and some fresh fruit or nuts, whole wheat crackers, baby carrots with a low-fat cream cheese dip and alike.

Start a Conversation  

Wake up your mind if you are feeling say... fading away or lethargic with your thought process. Engage in a conversation with someone which does not necessarily have be about work. This gets your mind moving again. 


Turn Up the Lights

Environments with dim lighting aggravate fatigue. So get a bright light or ask your office people to switch on the light around you. This can reduce sleepiness and increase alertness.  

Take a Breather

Deep breathing is necessary as it raises blood oxygen levels in the body. It slows your heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and improves circulation which ultimately helps in the mental performance and energy.

Get Up and Move Around  

get up move around

Wake up by getting up and walking around for a few minutes. Basically, walking pumps oxygen through your veins, brain, and muscles. If you work at a desk, get up frequently for short walks.  

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Take a Nap  

nap at work

Nap for 5 to 10 minutes and see the magic. You will feel energised for sure! This one is tried and tested by me. Been 10 years and this hack never fails. In fact, my boss was the one who put our team into this practice because well... it's called regards for human life. However, take it during your break if you feel it will not be comfortable. Sleeping at your desk is usually not a good idea, but many companies now provide nap rooms for employees.