Hindus celebrate 9 days of Navratri wherein they worship Goddess Durga and make sincere efforts to please her by offering her flowers, fruits and worshiping her in the best possible ways.

Navratri is considered to be the best time for the devotees of Goddess Durga because she endows them with the choicest of blessings and fills them with all the luck and prosperity they desire. She is the all-powerful creator and protector and each day of Navratri signifies the 9 different versions of the Goddess.  This year the Chaitra Navratris will begin from the 13th of April.

And in order to begin with all the festivities, you must know the proper procedure of how to please the Goddess and perform the puja in the right way. Therefore here we are with all the information that you need to know about Navratri Puja, backed by expert Astrologer Kailash Narayan from Ujjain. 

The Importance Of Kalash Puja

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You might have observed that on the first day of Navratri the prayers begin after the Kalash Sthapana. Kalash is considered to be one of the most important features of the Navratri Puja and it signifies happiness, prosperity, opulence, and auspicious occasion. 

Therefore we always keep the Kalash in front of a photo of Goddess Durga during Navratri Pujan. Also, the Kalash is covered with a big earthen pot which is then filled with mud and barley. Barley signifies the first crop of the season and new growth. In addition to that, a coconut is also placed inside that bowl as it is considered very auspicious.

Things You Will Need For The Puja

  • Kalash
  • Mud
  • Jwar (Barley)
  • Kalava
  • Flower Garland
  • Akhand Diya 
  • Red Cloth
  • Ashok Leaves
  • Red Hibiscus
  • Coconut

Flower garlands are offered to the goddess to adorn her with the jewels of nature. Apart from that, an Akhand Diya means a diya that burns continuously for 9 days is also kept before the Goddess. This diya is known to expel the negativity from the surroundings and make your home an abode of positivity.

Red Hibiscus is offered to the Goddess as it is considered to be her favourite flower. Last but not least coconut is always used at the beginning of auspicious event as it is believed that the coconut is where Lord Vishnu and Goddess Durga reside and that is why it is always used in Navratri puja.

Shubh Muhurat

navratri chaitra

The Navratris are set to begin on the 13th of April and conclude on the 21st of April. Depending on the placement of the planets the best time to worship is set and this year, the first day of Navratri(navratri special recipe of chennar payesh) will see a special planetary formation. According to the expert, the best time to start the Kalash Puja will begin from sunrise(on the 13th of April) and will last until 08:46 AM. Therefore if you are looking forward to establishing the Kalash then you can perhaps prepare everything before hand and start the Kalash puja at its special time

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Special Prasada 

The first day of Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Shailputri and sweets made with pure ghee are deemed to be loved by her. Devotees also offer the Goddess raw cow ghee to please her and in return, the Goddess blesses them with a life free from disease and illness.

Puja Vidhi-Things You Need To Do

navratri chaitra

  • Wake up early in the morning and take a bath.
  • Clean your entire home in order to keep negativity at bay.
  • Create a four side floral design also known as chowk in the Ishaan Corner of your house.
  • Take a deep earthen pot and keep the mud inside it.
  • Add some water to the pot and then add barley seeds to it.
  • Take the Kalash and tie kalava to its neck.
  • Fill the Kalash with water, batahshas, supari, laung(clove), and a coin.
  • Now put the leaves of Ashoka tree on the Kalash and place the earthen pot with mud over it.
  • Cover coconut with a red cloth and place it in the center of the mud. 
  • Start the ceremony with Ganesh Puja and then sing verses from the Durga Shaptsati to please Goddess Shailputri on the first day of Navratri.

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