When we wear sarees and dress up, sometimes specs look out of place. So we tend to reach out for contact lenses. But which ones do we get and how do we choose them considering there are so many options out there in the market. So to cater to that, here are a few tips that you must consider and keep in mind before you spend your money. 

Buying Them Online

Shopping online has become a habit for most of us. We need anything, we search online. There are also so many sales that we think buying on the digital medium would be a good idea. However, without constant check-ups buying a lens would be a big mistake. Simply because sometimes the number can vary and in case you have a cylindrical number then the number changes in that scenario as well. 

Consult Your Ophthalmologist For The Right Number

prescription lenses

Do not buy lenses online but don't get them randomly on the counter either. Consult your opthalmologist and get a prescription. Only then buy your lenses. The doctor will make a thorough examination which will count in the corneal shape measurement as well. These are important points to be considered before buying a lens.

Never Share Your Contact Lenses

No matter how thick your friendship is, never ever share your contact lenses. This is majorly all about hygiene issues. This could lead to allergies or bacteria and create issues in the eye.

Red Eye

red eye contact lenses

Contact lenses do not cause red eyes but if the right care is not taken, you are bound to be in trouble. In case you get a red eye, do not ignore it! Take them off before sleeping and wash them with the solution and not water. These things cause red eyes which means infection in the eyes. 

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Right Steps To Wear Contact Lenses

wearing lenses

Besides adhering to the basic hygiene rules while using contact lenses, you have to wear lenses the right way as well. It is all about small things like washing and drying your hands before touching the contact lens. Clean them well and store them safely. 

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Solution Storage

Every time you use a lens cleaner, close the bottle and keep it in a dry and cool place.

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