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    Fascinating Aircraft Themed Restaurant Opens Up In Gujarat; Offers Amazing Airplane Experience With View

    Vadodra in Gujarat just opened a aircraft themed restaurant and people are too excited to visit this place ASAP!
    Published -29 Oct 2021, 11:51 ISTUpdated -29 Oct 2021, 12:36 IST
    gujarat plane restaurant

    You've probably been to a variety of themed restaurants, but Vadodara in Gujarat has absolutely stunned everyone and grabbed attention of people. It is providing a fascinating experience of an aircraft themed restaurant that is too glam to ignore!

    The restaurant is named HighFly which will take you to experience 'dining in the air' while being on the ground. The restaurant is offering delightful food varieties with a stunning view of the outside. It is located on the main road of Vadodara in Gujarat.

    Inside The Aircraft-Themed Restaurant

    plane restro

    The aircraft has accomodation capacity of 106 people at a time and offers a unique dining experience. Firstly, while entering the restaurant, customers will enetr the restaurant with a boarding pass just like a flight ticket. Sitting in this restaurant will give you a real plane take off feel through vibrations. 

    There will also be continuous announcements like we hear on flights which will alert passengers. for an enhanced experience, the servers will also be dressed like the actual cabin crew. 

    Restaurant Owner On HighFly Aircraft Restaurant

    The owner of the stunning restaurant, Mehmood Mukhi said that after observing common people having less opportunities to travel by flights or even sit on an airplane, he felt giving this experience to such people will be incredible to them. This inspired him to start this airplane-themed restaurant in Vadodara district of Gujarat.

    Managing Director Mukhi, told ANI, "An Airbus 320 was bought from a company in Bengaluru to build this restaurant. Each part of the aircraft was brought to Vadodara and it was remodelled as a restaurant."

    He added, "The restaurant will make you feel like you are travelling in a real-life aircraft. Different food options are available here, including Punjabi, Chinese, Continental, Italian, Mexican and Thai."

    The Airbus 320 was brought from a Bangalore company at a cost of 1.40 crores.

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    Airplanes Converted Into Restaurant

    There were in total 8 such aircraft themed restaurants in the world which were offering this stunning and unique dining experience. After Gujarat making it to the list, there are now 9 such aircraft-themed restaurants in the world. Now, India has 3 such restaurants.

    ludhiana restaurant

    Here is the list of other 8 airplanes converted restaurants in the world:

    • Hawai Adda, Ludhiana, India
    • Runway 1, Haryana, India
    • El Avión, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
    • La Tante DC10, Accra, Ghana
    • Steaks on a Plane, Bolton, United Kingdom
    • The Airplane Restaurant, Colorado Springs
    • McDonald's, Taupō, New Zealand
    • Space Shuttle Cafe, New York

    Food Varieties

    The food delights offered in this incredible place are Continental, Italian, Thai, Mexican and Chinese cuisines.

    This restaurant looks like a lovely place which is also offering stunning views and mouth watering snacks varieties. This is truly a place for foodies!

    If you are visiting this place any time soon then you can add this in your list of visiting places.

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