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    Rakul Preet's Chhatriwali Highlights 5 Reasons To Prioritise Sex Education In India

    Chhatriwali is a film about contraception and highlights that teens need their questions regarding sex answered. Only proper sex education can help th...
    • Krati Purwar
    • Editorial
    Updated at - 2023-01-25,11:53 IST
    chhatriwali rakul preet singh sex education

    The Rakul Preet and Sumeet Vyas-starrer Chhatriwali was released on January 20, 2023, and has already completed more than 100 million watch minutes on the OTT platform Zee5. As the name suggests, the  movie revolves around the importance of contraception, a concept that several films have touched upon in the recent past.

    However, we think that despite being a film so pointedly talking about condoms, Chhatriwali makes a stronger case for sex education in India than other films on the same subject. 

    Here is our argument in favour of you watching the film over the coming weekend.

    Side-Effects Of Contraceptive Pills

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    While oral contraceptive pills are almost a full-proof means to prevent unwanted pregnancies, they do have a few side effects. We connected with a gynaecologist a while back who told us that OCPs can cause headaches, nausea, breast pain, mood swings, reduced libido (sex drive) and breakthrough bleeding.

    The film not only touched upon the subject but made a strong case for the need for men to use condoms instead of asking their partners to use pills. Condoms do not have such side effects, while oral contraceptive pills do. Plus condoms also safeguard against STIs, which pills cannot.

    Man’s Discomfort Reigns Over Woman’s Pain

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    Chhatriwali highlighted that most men decline to use a condom because they experience some sort of discomfort. If they were taught as teenagers that not using it increases the chances of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies, we would have been living in a whole other world today.

    The film also talks about abortions, miscarriages, harmful side-effects of popping an iPill to prevent pregnancies and the mental and physical trauma through which a woman and her loved ones go through in such circumstances. If there had been a sex education curriculum in place that taught all these subjects, people would have been more responsible during sex and empathic towards their partners. 

    Sex Education Is Crucial For Kids

    chhatriwali sex education

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    In a scene, Sanya, played by Rakul Preet Singh, was having a conversation with her brother-in-law, Rajan Kalra, played by Rajesh Tailang. Bhaiji (Rajan) argued that teenagers are irresponsible and cannot handle a huge amount of information about sex and intimacy.

    On the other hand, Sanya emphasises that it made more sense to teach teenagers about sex because they are irresponsible and curious. If their curiosity can be satisfied with answers, they will be more responsible during intimate moments. It is at that age when puberty hits when kids are already confused and not telling them about their bodies will do more harm than good.

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    Questioning Old Norms

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    Chhatriwali and Nushrratt Bharuccha’s Janhit Me Jaari both emphasised the use of condoms during sex. They both talked about prevention from sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted deaths and deaths due to unsafe abortions.

    Sanya, in a bid to start her work from the grassroots level, heads to a school where she argues that a question on male or female sexual organs must not come as an option. Having an option to choose between something that makes them uncomfortable and something that doesn’t, made the students skip studying about sexual parts of other genders, and they focused on the other study materials. It was like they did not have to even study about it because they already knew that they would not be compelled to attempt it. 

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    Open Conversation Ends Inhibitions

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    In one of the last scenes of Chhatriwali, Sanya and her husband, Rishi Kalra, call all the kids to their home and run an open Q&A session, where they answer every query with open honesty..

    Not only was it a healthy way to teach kids, but it promoted a safe space to discuss the subject without the kids feeling shy or giggly. They talked about sexual organs like any other parts of the body. 

    While we continue to debate whether sex education is necessary for kids or not, it is not going to change the reality that teens and adults lack knowledge about their and their partners’ bodies, which gives more room for irresponsible behaviour and making mistakes. 

    Our debate needs to change its course to how sex education should be a part of the school curriculum and what must be added to it. Not only will it help our youth grow into more mature and responsible adults, but also bring down the number of Indians getting diagnosed with STIs or opting for unsafe abortions. 


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