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How A Positive Choice Can Discard A Negative Spell

This story of a woman turning into a minimalist vegan will inspire you!
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Published -30 Sep 2021, 12:21 ISTUpdated -06 Oct 2021, 13:39 IST
prerna chakraborty vegan sustainiablity

Life is all about adapting to positive changes especially when you realise how the situation is so grim. I have done my graduation and post-graduation both in the science field which involved dissection of a lot of insects and small animals.  I dissected much more when I became a professor. It was for the sake of knowledge and advancement of science, I always told to myself. Then I started working in a lab where products derived from animals were abundantly used. In one word, I was ignorant of my own changes that were happening slowly. Being a mother of innumerable cats and dogs I realized I am killing one animal for my food while loving another. Just a moment of reflection and  I changed completely to plant-based.

Moving Towards Sustainable Minimal Living

Slowly I left all that I believe I can't live without that are derived from animals. But, I'm also a big believer in sustainable minimalist living which also means I am against consumerism. While changing my lifestyle, I didn't discard all that had animal products because I'll do more harm to the ecosystem than good. Either I gifted it to people or given it to people who are still using and the rest I kept to use until it worns out.

Also, living with carnivores like cats and omnivores like dogs have their own challenges that even though I'm completely plant-based, I'm against giving them plant-derived food or required nutrients derived artificially. I believe veganism is a choice that a human can choose for oneself and not for other beings who are incapable to voice their opinion. So it's my responsibility to respect nature as it is.

Hence, even though I don't support animal cruelty I can't claim to be cent per cent perfect but I'm proud of that too.

prerna chakraborty on veganism sustainability

Living an ideal life for oneself isn't easy as we are social beings so my first difficulty was convincing my family that I will be healthy without milk products and eggs. Then it was a challenge for me to learn in-depth about nutrition and share the same with others. I did some online courses on nutrition and naturopathy. I unlearned and relearned all known concepts again. Today, I'm not only living a minimalist vegan life but I'm gradually mentoring others to live such a lifestyle inexpensively.

And trust me, it worths so much more now when people around me are changing too for the betterment of Earth and all its lifeforms.

Writer: Prerna Chakraborty

(A vegan nutritionist by profession, the author is based out of Bengaluru and is a passionate animal and nature lover. She is a pet parent of close to 19 cats and dogs, all of which she has got rescued)

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