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    From A Social Science Teacher To An Entrepreneur, Ruchi Mathur Makes It Big In Food Sector

    Know Ruchi Mathur’s journey from being a social science teacher to a woman entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry like the food sector and the challenges she faced throughout.
    Updated at - 2023-03-08,13:00 IST
    women entrepreneur ruchi mathur

    Ruchi Mathur, the owner of Divine Bite Pickle, says she started the company in the second inning of her career. From being a social science teacher, Mathur is now a woman entrepreneur who recently won a special certificate at the HZ Womenpreneur Awards 2023 held on February 23 in Delhi.

    HZ Womenpreneur Awards

    The HerZindagi Awards honoured the significant direct-to-consumer (D2C) sector change-makers who are committed to fostering a more ethical and sustainable business by recognising women business owners. HerZindagi is dedicated to recognising female entrepreneurs in ways that go beyond "empowerment" with this project. Its objective is to honour and encourage female leaders and achievers who, in the previous year, created new chances for themselves by excelling at what they do and having success.

    About Ruchi Mathur

    Sharing her journey, Mathur said, “I started my career as a social science teacher and was always very much concerned about the use of harmful chemicals used in the food processing industry. Thus always kept on avoiding the snacks available on the shelf.”

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    On how she picked up pickle, she said, “Travelling with kids was a very frequent holiday ritual so there was always a great demand of homemade snacks, pickles, ladoos etc. So I started experimenting in my kitchen to try and make snacks that are both healthy and tasty. My experiments with food and new recipes started right after my marriage and the appreciation and support from my family and friends inspired me to come up with my brand DIVINE BITE.”

    Mathur also faced many challenges as she was on her way to turn her career. “Since I was never a tech savy person it was very difficult for me to have an upper hand in digital marketing and for our content to find its way on social media platforms.”

    Another big challenge Mathur faced was social media. “One of my biggest challenges in social media, that I struggled with for a while, is getting followers to actually interact. Although I had grown my accounts and had plenty of followers, most of the time I didn’t feel as though they were as involved as I wanted them to be. More and more, I find that people spend less time liking and commenting on posts, and instead just view them and move on,” she said. 

    About Divine Bite

    Divine Bite believe that food is Bramha (Annam Bramha Raso Vishnu, Bhokta Devo Maheshwara). “We believe that love and purity should be the main ingredient of every recipe we create,” said the owner. Making everything in small batches to keep a check on quality and taste, the company ensures that everything is made in very hygienic environment. Divine Bite believes in following ancient traditional practices to preserve food and its nutrients. “But we also add the brilliance of our modern day science to make it more convenient for our cosmopolitan consumer,” said the company.

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    They further added, “We are a very young enterprise led by passionate team of women entrepreneurs who are determined to make healthy, chemical free, organic and nutrition rich food products which could be available to all the people and inspire them to eat good food and live healthy.”


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