Diet Mistakes People Make While Losing Weight, By Kavita Devgan

By Anupam Dabral24 Aug 2018, 09:15 IST

Consuming too much junk food, lack of exercise and hormonal imbalance are some of the major causes behind weight gain. For All those aspiring weight loss enthusiasts, hitting the gym and altering diet becomes an obvious plan. However, eating less and skipping meals is no solution to get rid of that extra flab. One needs to eat right and the stick to a balanced diet supplemented with regular workouts.

Celebrated nutritionist, Kavita Devgan is giving us clarity on more such things.

Don’t Skip Meals

The fact is, that people are making basic diet mistakes and are in denial. The usual practice is that a lot of office goers skip on their breakfast and expect to lose weight. This leads to a compromised metabolism. When you cut too many calories from your diet, the body adapts and gets into a defense mode. You might be skipping your meals, yet you will not lose weight. So, do not go on a low-calorie diet and do not skip meals.

Following Diet Plans

Following a low-calorie diet plan is definitely not recommended. Most of the times it happens that you come across a diet plan and get influenced by the fake claims and land up compromising on your basic nutrients. Diet plans can be a fad and quick fixes never work. So following a diet plan which removes any major food group from your diet is wrong

Getting Obsessed With Weighing Scale

Getting obsessed with your weighing scale is not a good practice and won’t get you any results. A number on a weighing scale is just number which might not define your health. While judging one’s health there are many other parameters which are far more important. Considering one’s immunity and fatigue levels while coming to a conclusion is important. Also, weigh yourself twice a week.