10 Ways To Instantly Look More Fashionable

From adding a neon scarf to choosing the most versatile accessories, there tips with certainly help you look fashionable.
Kumari Rajnigandha

Do you want to look stylish with little effort? Even the most basic of clothing can look really trendy. In addition to wearing trendy apparel, the elements of an outfit may make or break your appearance. Take a look at the following suggestions for looking stylish in a hurry.

There are numerous ways to look fashionable when you have a lot of time to plan your look. The days when you are pressed for time, it can be difficult to look modish. Moreover, looking stylish isn’t always about having an extensive wardrobe or an array of makeup products, it can be as simple as styling right. 

1 Colour Coordinate

Well, this is one trick to instantly look fashionable. If you colour coordinate the colour of your accessories with that you’re carrying then you are sure to look extra stylish. Let’s say if you’re wearing a black outfit then, opt for a white handbag to create a contrasting effect. 

10 A Modish Cap Or Hat

Fashion is all about making a statement and defining your style, and nothing achieves that better than a beautiful hat. Sure, certain fashions are a touch over-the-top, but that's part of the purpose.

2 Right Accessories

Accessories can really make or mar your fashion looks. The right accessories will elevate your look to the next level. So don’t head out without choosing the right accessory for your outfit. In fact, you can go for accessories that are more versatile.

3 Don’t Shy Away From Bold Neon Colours

Forget everything you know about what colours "match together" if you want your ensemble to have uniqueness. There are no limitations! To make an outfit intentional and stand out, mix neons, neutrals, pastels, and other colours. You can just add a neon scarf to make your look stand out. 

4 Monotone Is In

Choose one colour and go for it! This option speeds up getting dressed for the day by narrowing down your options and allowing you to match head to toe without wasting too much time.

5 Oversized Shirt

An oversized shirt looks uber cool with just anything and everything. So don’t hesitate to add that oversized shirt to any of your super casual looks. 

6 A Jacket On Shoulder

Do not consider your jacket to be a jacket. Consider it a cape with sleeves that fall just below your arms. It's an easy approach to wear a jacket that won't make you sweat while providing the coverage you need, especially as the weather changes.

7 Layering Is Crucial

Wearing a coat over a dress, over a mesh blouse, and tights, for example, will make it less likely that any single piece will make or ruin your ensemble, so go crazy. Consider yourself a trendy icon.  The brownie points to this strategy works nicely in the cold, when you'll be wearing layers anyhow!

8 Play With Proportions

Cut-off shorts and a baggy shirt. It's all about altering proportions and leaning into contrast to be stylish. Not only do rigid and soft textures, tight and loose silhouettes, and thick and light materials work well together.

9 Footwear

Choose the polar opposite of what you would ordinarily wear for footwear. Swap your high heels for flat boots, high heels for sneakers, and sandals for sneakers. The more incorrect it appears, the more correct it is. Take my word for it.