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    Top 7 Winter Looks By Deepika Padukone

    Winter is here and we have a list of stunning looks straight from Deepika's closet
    • Neha Pande
    • Editorial
    Published -28 Oct 2021, 16:51 ISTUpdated -06 Nov 2021, 10:17 IST
    winter fashion ideas by deepika

    Deepika Padukone definitely knows how to light up the room and make heads turn with her iconic fashion sense. From extravagant gowns to a simple band tee; Deepika can rock any outfit and make it her own. 

    Since winter is coming and the chilly winds have started blowing we definitely need to shop for our winter outfits. Here we have a list of some stunning winter outfits by the one and only, Deepika Padukone. 

    Chunky Sweaters To Fight The Cold

     Chunky Sweaters To Fight The Cold

    Chunky sweaters will never be out of fashion and Deepika proved it to us by wearing the baby blue chunky sweater on a shoot for Chopard. The icy baby blue compliments her skin tone flawlessly and the cute chunky sweater gives her this innocent and sweet look. She looks absolutely angelic with the blue chunky sweater and the hot red skirt combined for the shoot. 

    Since it's winters and it will surely get cold which makes chunky sweaters a solid choice for a comfortable and cozy winter outfit. You don't have to just try the icy baby blue but you can try a rainbow of colours which you would like to wear or try on. 

    Denim Jacket 

     denim jackets

    Denim jackets are another clothing item which will never go out of style. Denim jacket outfits are evergreen in the fashion history making them a great choice for a casual cute winter outfit. Deepika in her collaboration with Levi's wore a really simple dark blue denim jacket and paired it with dark blue denim jeans with a plain grey tee shirt with a simple black print on it. 

    You can style denim jackets with whatever you want be it simple and chic like Deepika or a take it a cuter route with a nice dress. 

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    Frilly And Red

     Frilly And Red

    Frills might sound childish but if done with a certain finesse and styled properly it looks absolutely stunning. Deepika in this red high neck blouse looks absolutely gorgeous especially with the frills on the neck and long sleeves. This look would be great for a brunch day out with friends or a nice day date. 

    You can style it however you want with a French tuck or a full tuck with pants. You can even dress it up completely like Deepika with black latex pants, a simple messy bun, red frill blouse and some pretty earrings. 

    White Button Up Never Fail

     White Button Up  Never Fail

    White button up shirts are a staple piece in every closet be it a girl's or a guy's closet. Deepika has beautifully paired her white button up with a sexy black corset vest and ankle length blue jeans to give it a spicy look. With her simple makeup and soft brown smokey eyes she looks like a complete badass. 

    You can pair your button ups a lot like Deepika or mix it up making it your own. A long sleeves button up is a winter staple as it can be mixed and matched easily to style it up. 

    Deep In The Blues

     Deep in the blues

    You have to admit that blue is one of the best colours for winters with it's cool tone and icy attitude. Deepika look stunning in her long blue fitted cocktail dress and the blue trenchcoat. The lighter blue shade of the cocktail dress perfectly compliments the dark shade of the trenchcoat. 

    You need to add this look in your collection given how trenchcoats are one of the best winter clothing to wear. Mixed with the sexy yet classy long fitted cocktail dress; this look gives us all the elgance and sex appeal. If blue is not your shade then you can try something more simple like beige and black; black is evergreen and you can always fall back on it.

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    Oversized Is Always In Style

     Oversized Is Always In Style

    Nothing is better than an oversized comfy sweater and no doubt that it is something Deepika loves as well. Deepika is serving us all the comfy and cozy looks with a street style vibe. The red oversized sweater with the denim jeans gives this look a comfortable street style look especially with the sleeves rolled up and her pointy pink heels. 

    You must have tried and experimented with oversized sweaters but if not then what are you waiting for? Oversized sweaters are definitely going to keep you warm during the winters and stylish the whole time. 

    Plaid And Gingham Are Back

     Plaid And Gingham Are Back

    After the evolution of e-girls and e-boys dark plaid and gingham has come back in fashion; from tight pencil skirts to a plaid shirt it is all back! Deepika though has taken this trend on a next level with her absolutely stunning olive and forest green plaid wide legged pants and tied up belted blazer which almost gives a short trenchcoat vibe. You can see that she is wearing a lacey camisole under the blazer which ties the whole look together. 

    You can never go wrong with a pant and blazer set as it is such an evergreen combination. 

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