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How To Slay In Style This Festive Season Without Slaying Your Money And Planet

Festive season is heavy on our pockets and it is our responsibility to spend this money in sustainable ways.
Published -28 Oct 2021, 11:47 ISTUpdated -28 Oct 2021, 12:13 IST
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Festivals are a huge part of our Indian society. It is a way of meeting and celebrating together with friends and family. But with these festivities the pressure of looking on point increases, putting a mental pressure to shop, especially on us women!

How To Be Sustainable?

thrift sustainable fashion

But how to be more sustainable with your money as well as environment and still look fabulous? We have a hack for that! Since covid times, people have become more mindful. Sakshi Goel, Founder of Rent N Flaunt says, "The pandemic has put in perspective a lot of things especially the mindless consumption that we engaged in. This has given birth to many alternative methods of how we buy, like thrifting, repurposing, or even renting. All this is based on the concept of shared economy, which isn't something alien to Indian society. During festivities, people often exchanged or borrowed things from their immediate family and friends. This only enhanced their bond and made them look refreshingly stylish."

Mix And Match

mix sustainable fashion

We have also seen an increase in women experimenting with their fashion with passion. Right from pairing saree with crop tops, to mixing and matching old outfits, it's inspirational how women are not afraid to repeat but also are open to doing that with style.


inside graphic sustainable fashion

Sakshi Goel says, "Another thing that is super helpful is renting. With renting you don't have to ever repeat your Accessories or outfits, and also slay in style. One such platform where you can rent out designer accessories (head accesories) is Rent N Flaunt."

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rent sustainable fashion

 You can repeat your old outfit and change the look by heavily accessorizing it without having to bother about paying a heavy price for the same. It is only convenient if you are a real fashionista, who wants to be her stylish best at every party she attends! Rental platforms are like a big shared wardrobe at your disposal, anytime you want!

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Overproduction is one of the biggest drawbacks of the fashion industry, as it leads to heavy wastage and pollution. With the rise in awareness of sustainable fashion these alternate ways are the need of the hour. This way you get to slay in style, save money, and also the planet! So all you conscious fashionistas, flaunt your style guilt-free!

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