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Tips To Take Your Outfit From Desk To Dinner

Desk job neutrals to night out glamour; here we have tips for you to take your outfits from a professional setting to a party!
  • Neha Pande
  • Editorial
Published -07 Nov 2021, 13:00 ISTUpdated -07 Nov 2021, 12:44 IST
desk job to nightout

Dressing up can be a pain especially when you have to go to work then straight off to a party. Thankfully there are some things you can do to take your office or an everyday outfit to a late night party one. There are some easy steps and clothing items which you must add to your closet to take your outfit from desk to dinner. 

There is a fine line you need to cross when you want to switch from a professional look to a night out look. People will tell you to not experiment but experimentation is encouraged here since it helps you grow. 

Carry Jewelry And Small Accessories

Stunning Jewelry

Accessories make a huge difference taking an outfit from a simple everyday look to a stunning night at the club look. You can dress up any outfit with a statement piece if you put your mind to it. Deepika without her jewelery in the picture would have looked plain and simple; it is the jewelry which added the finishing touches which brought the whole look together. 

Some pieces that every girl should have in her closet are a nice statement necklace which will go with most outfits your own, pretty earrings as if you have anything which does not require attention on the neck you can pull all the attention away with the earrings and pretty makeup. You should own a nice watch and some simple yet classy bracelets as they add this touch of class without being too loud. 

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Invest In A Good Blazer Trenchcoat

Invest in a blazer or trenchcoat

Investing in a good blazer or trenchcoat makes all the difference. A trenchcoat is something really classy but can be dressed up for a night out. Blazers and trenchcoats comes in a wide variety from funky printed ones to plain professional ones and neutral minimalistic ones. 

Blazers and trenchcoats are the epitome of dressing up a simple outfit for a professional setting and also can be repurposed as a cute date night dinner outfit.

Wear Dark Colours

Wear Dark colours

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A simple trick for changing outfits and making it look professional yet classy is wearing a dark colour. Dark colours are easier to dress up easily with less efforts. Bright colours can be considered unprofessional or too bright for the office setting. So having dark colours in your wardrobe can be easy to dress up and down based of your needs and requirements. 

A sleep black cocktail dress is amongst the easiest pieces to style up with a blazer or a trenchcoat for the office and you can easily strip off the formals with black combat boots and a leather jacket. The same thing can easily translate to any number of black, charcoal-grey, and navy blue garments. When in doubt bet on black is what I say! 

The Chic Top

Chic top

You need chic top or a chic blouse in your closet. Blouses are the best professional tops but you can also wear it out on a date night. You can always get a flowy chic top which goes with pants and throw on a trenchcoat or a blazer to finish the office outfit but once you are done working you can add a cute sequin pencil skirt or a sexy black one for a movie date night at the cinemas or a nice dinner date with your lover. 

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