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    Look Appropriate, Make An Impression, Wear The Right Shoes While At Work With These Tips

    Dipika Agarwal Founder & Creative Head of OPANCHO shoes gives tips on the right footwear for making an impression at work.
    Published -18 Feb 2020, 08:00 ISTUpdated -18 Feb 2020, 14:32 IST
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    Dipika Agarwal Founder & Creative Head of OPANCHO shoes told HerZindagi that the way you dress, your clothes, shoes, even accessories and the colour of your nail paint, these are the little things that become an extension of your personality! They hold the potential to channelise your inner energy onto the world. Because the moment you enter the room, you are judged from then and there, it becomes very important and crucial to leave a lasting impression. Especially for women who have just stepped in the world of long hours and high pressure aka the corporate sector, clothing becomes even more important to leave a confident and lasting impression!

    Why does it matter so much?

    Our mind responds positively to someone who is dressed impeccably, how you present yourself and how you look is not just limited to the hospitality sector now. Choosing your clothes and shoes can be a major task in itself. Everything holds importance. And this becomes doubly crucial when you step in the corporate world.

    Since you literally have to live in those shoes and clothes, it's important that you don't take it lightly! Living the 9-5 life and spending 40 hours a week on an average which involves traveling and standing on your toes is kind of a big deal.

    Here’s what Dipika Agarwal Founder & Creative Head of OPANCHO shoes has to say on corporate styling, how the right shoe plays an important role in corporate look.

    Fabrics, colours, and patterns hold importance too

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    You have to pay attention to everything, the fabric, the colours, the pattern and obviously the comfort. Something that represents your personal style while also keeping you at ease to seize the day. Invest in classic shades, both in shoes and clothing so that you can mix and match. Choose fabrics that let you breathe. Footwear that has soft inner padding and allows toe movement, are easy on your ankle should be chosen

    There's more to feet than heels and bellies

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    Talking about corporate footwear, it is even a big task! Because usually when we go to a store to buy shoes, we have this preconceived notion that there are only heels or bellies available as a part of corporate footwear. A lot of us miss out that there are a lot of other options available too! One can go with mules if you want to keep it edgy. Oxford shoes look great with ankle-length trousers, especially when you want to make a statement and own that conference room.

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    A smart pair of loafers go a long way and can complement your overall look. They also are very comfortable if your job involves a lot of moving and travel but still requires that you look sophisticated and classy. Then comes the brogues, they are super comfortable and also have a certain edge about it that immediately adds both oomph and confidence. We just focus our attention on heels and bellies, while they also look impeccable but there can be times when they become uncomfortable, it's difficult to move around in high heels all the time.

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    A medley of brogues and mules is the way to go!

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    Going with just heels and bellies can not only be tiresome but also monotonous. Make sure your wardrobe includes the classic touch of mules, brogues, Oxford shoes, loafers and bellies. My personal struggles with shoes made me design the range that is dedicated entirely to women corporate footwear.

    I have included loafers, heels, mules, bellies, brogues at a single stop. Dipika says that “My suggestion to all the women would be to go with clothes and especially footwear that focuses on style and comfort. Stock your wardrobe up with basics and don't just stick to heels or bellies. Keep a variety in colour as well. Most of us have a habit of going with black footwear but it's a great idea to invest in colours like tan, beige, browns, pastel shades, even whites! A little colour can do wonders to your look”

    You can be comfortable, look chic and still be at the top of your game. Strike the right chord of comfort and class, don't forget your individual style and you will get your own Voguish version of a corporate medley!

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