Indian Fashion Items To Add To Your Navratri Wardrobe

Add these Indian fashion items to your look during Navratri and your look will be the talk of the town.

Bhavishya Bir
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Navratri is just around the corner and we are super excited for this 9 days long festival. Everyone is in a festive mood and you can feel the positive vibes all around you. Women are especially excited to get ready in ethnic outfits and look their best.

Women like to get ready in different outfits for all the 9 days of Navratri. This means you need 9 different outfits and it is not possible for everyone. Therefore, you need to have some versatile Indian fashion items in your wardrobe to look beautiful.


jewellery navratri fashion

Most people put all their effort into choosing their outfit and often forget about the accessories but it is extremely important as it can make or break your look. Therefore, you need to have a versatile jewellery set that can go with any outfit. You can get a few junk jewellery pieces and trust me, they will compliment all your Indian outfits.

You can also opt for a multi-coloured jewellery set and pair it with any outfit. Make sure that your set has all the items including a neckpiece, earrings, matha-patti and bangles. A complete look is what you need to attract all the eyeballs.

Embroidered Jacket

embroidered jacklet navratri fashion

Navratri is about going all out with your outfit and to add that extra touch of glam, you should definitely have an embroidered jacket in your wardrobe. You can pair it with any solid outfit and it will definitely take your look a notch higher. Also, this jacket will add that much-needed pop of colour to your outfit.

Solid Anarkali Kurta

A solid anarkali kurta is a must-have in your wardrobe during Navratri. This is a versatile piece of clothing that can be paired up with anything to create a new outfit. Get this anarkali and wear it as it is or pair it up with a beautiful dupatta, jacket or sharara. Make sure that you get one in a neutral solid colour.

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Colourful Dupatta

A colourful dupatta is an essential in your wardrobe. You can pair it up with most of the things in your wardrobe and it will give you all the festive vibes. This piece is best paired up with a solid outfit but you can even play mix and match, just make sure that you don't go overboard.

You can get a dupatta of any style including bandhani, phulkari, lehariya and many more. Just make sure that your dupatta gives festive vibes.

Golden Blouse

golden blouse navratri fashion

You should definitely have a golden blouse in your wardrobe as it is the most versatile item and you can pair it up with a lot of pieces like a skirt or a palazzo or a sharara along with a dupatta. Your OOTD will be ready in just a few minutes without much effort and you will surely look beautiful.

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Comfortable Yet Stylish Footwear

Navratri is surely fun but you just can't sit at one place during the festival. There is so much to do that you are always on your toes, therefore you need comfortable footwear and you obviously can't compromise on the style part. So, choose your footwear wisely.

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