Being at your own wedding, being the bride, it all feels surreal! The wedding day is more like a roller coaster of emotions for a girl. After all those months of planning, it is finally the big day when you are about to start a new life. Just like any other bride, your biggest wish would be to look your best. You want everything to work like magic, from your outfit to your hair and makeup. All eyes will be on you and you don't want to be second-guessing. There is a mix of emotions, from making sure you look incredible to feel the pain of saying goodbye to your parents, the anxiety is real. 

We really love how Mohey took us through this emotional journey of a bride on her D Day through their #dulhanwalifeeling campaign. Alia Bhatt, as the new face of the brand, is so relatable for all young women out there. This film perfectly speaks of the emotional see-saw a girl goes through on her most special day.


Alia Bhatt, channelising her inner dulhania, is a bride who isn't too traditional or too modern. Like any bride-to-be, she first appears doubtful of her own self but then chose to be her confident version while admiring her wedding lehenga from Mohey. She then makes us a witness of her emotional turbulence while reminiscing days spent with family and the heart-wrenching feeling of not getting to see them daily. However, soon after, she decides not letting tears take away the glam of her perfectly done makeup.

She then wonders with the choice of her groom but soon realises that he is the best groom ever. The video ends with Alia walking down the aisle, wearing a big smile and a heart full of excitement. The different shades of Alia are all about a bride's real dilemma as she proceeds towards this biggest, life-changing journey.

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