How To Style Flared Jeans

The 70’s denim trend is back as we can spot flared jeans on every other person. 

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The 70's denim trend is back on the streets as we can spot the chic and comfortable flared jeans on many people. Flared jeans surely look amazing and at the same time, have a relaxed fit. These jeans are appropriate for any occasion, be it a casual day out or a party.

However, the main challenge that many face is how to style these jeans. It can be a bit tricky for some people but don’t worry as we are here to guide you. Read on to know how to style flared jeans.

Crop Top

crop top flared jeans style

Flared jeans are already exaggerated and take all the attention, therefore, go light on the upper half. Style it with a crop top. You can get a crop top in any style and colour. Just make sure to select high waisted flared jeans. This way your look will be balanced perfectly and you will look amazing. Make sure to add some chunky chains, a pair of earrings and a bag to complete your look. You can team up the outfit with either chunky white sneakers or a pair of heels.


cardigan flared jeans style

Get a pair of flared jeans and team it up with a camisole. Now, add the final touch with a cardigan. You can either go for a cropped cardigan or a long one, both of them will look nice. Wear it with a pair of sneakers, add a few chains and a pair of sunglasses. Let your hair loose and go for a natural look. This can be your perfect travel look.


blazer flared jeans style

Pick well-fitted flared jeans and pair it up with a shirt or a camisole. Then, complete the look by adding a blazer or layering with any clothing item that you like. Team it up with a pair of platform heels or stilettos and you are good to go.

Style your hair in either a sleek ponytail or let them be silky straight. Also, make sure to carry a purse with you.

Denim On Denim

denim flared jeans style

Pick dark coloured flared jeans and pair it up with a lighter shade of denim shade. Either close your buttons or leave them open and wear a camisole underneath. This combination is evergreen and you can never go wrong with it. Team it up with a pair of nude heels and style your hair right. Go for natural makeup and you are ready.


shirt flared jeans style

This one is the easiest to style and you can never go wrong with it. Just take your favourite shirt and wear it with a pair of flared jeans. Add a belt and you will be ready in no time. Let your hair and makeup be natural and add a few chains to make your look edgy.


shrug flared jeans style

Teaming up your flared jeans with a long shrug is really a good idea. You can go for any kind of shrug but if you are looking for some travel inspiration, then go for a boho shrug. I would suggest you to wear a solid camisole and layer it up with a printed shrug. Team up with platform heels and you are good to go. However, don’t forget your hair and makeup. Style your hair in light waves and go for light makeup. Along with this, add a pair of hoops.

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sweater flared jeans style

If you want to style our flared jeans during the cold months, then there is nothing better than throwing on a warm sweater. However, make sure to either go for a cropped sweater or tuck it in. This will give you a defined and well-structured look. Accessorise it well and team it up with a pair of sneakers and you are ready for a fun winter outing.


turtleneck flared jeans style

Another way to style a pair of flared jeans during the winter season is by teaming it up with a turtleneck. Choose a turtleneck of any colour and tuck it in your jeans. Pair it up with sunglasses and a pair of ankle-length boots. Add a sling bag and go for a bold lipstick. Again, don’t forget to accessorise well.

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Style Tips

  • Either go for cropped tops or tuck in your top.
  • Opt for high waist flared pants that fit you well.
  • Adding a belt is always a good option.
  • Either go for a chunky pair of sneakers or heels or ankle-length boots.
  • Accessorise well with some chains and hoops.
  • Be confident.
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