5 Styling Tips For Women With Big Bust And Tummy

Let’s see how V-neck, vertical patterns and a right-fit bra can help women hide their big busts and tummy. Read on!

Krati Purwar
woman with large bust & belly

Women with big busts and tummies are often looking for style tips to hide the curves. While all bodies are different and beautiful, we constantly find ways to minimise the appearance of our large breasts and belly. In this article, we will share a few quick tips, tricks and hacks to hide big boobs and tummy. Take a look!

Right Neckline Hides Large Breasts Tastefully


If you want to conceal big breasts, the neckline is the crucial aspect of any dress and top that can change the outlook of your couture. V-neck offers a balanced-proportioned look and helps to conceal the tummy and breasts.

By concealing we do not mean hiding. But it helps to minimise the large appearance of the belly and boobs. Similarly, a heart neckline is also a good choice to show cleavage tastefully without drawing attention to your curves.

On the other hand, if the neckline runs too deep or covers your neck entirely, it can highlight your bust and belly in a way you would not like. If you are wearing a shirt, shirt dress or button top, you can open the top loop to achieve a look similar to a V-neck.

Try Camisole And Shapewear To Style Large Breasts & Belly

Another way to style large breasts and belly is to wear a camisole or shapewear. It will help to tighten the curves. Camisoles and shapewear create an illusion of proportional appearance by hiding the bulge.

If you are not happy with the way your dress makes you look, you can slip something inside to create a toned body look. You can choose among the wide variety of shapewear and camisoles according to your requirements. In the winter season, women can wear long sleeve tops before donning an attire.

Flowing Fabric Minimises Size Of Big Bust And Tummy

flowy fabric

If you aim to hide your big boobs and belly, a flowy fabric will help you achieve the desired look. Loose fabric creates an impression of a toned body. Some clothing materials are also stretchable; thus, they can fit your body shape to perfection.

Women can invest in an A-line skirt that picks up frills below their waist. You can also choose vertical patterns that create an illusion of a slim figure. For bottoms, women can choose casual trousers, culottes and boyfriend jeans. These keep the belly inside.

Perfect Fitting Of Bra Is A Must For Large Breasts

When we talk about styling, we cannot skip the fitting of lingerie. If your bra is loose or tight, your breasts will either bulge or look heavy. Therefore, it is important to invest in lingerie that sits perfectly on your body.

If the bra supports your large bust, it will automatically minimise the appearance. Moreover, a well-fitted brassiere takes away the attention from the belly. You can also opt for seamless bras that do not show a lingerie line on tops and tees.

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Pro Tip: Balanced Proportions For Big Bust & Belly


Women looking to create balanced proportions must fixate on their waist. If it is a dress, add a belt at the centre. It will balance out the top and bottom while concealing your heavy breasts and belly.

Similarly, if you are opting for jeans or trousers, try a high-waist one. It will start at your waist and make your legs appear tall. Pair it with a V-neck or buttoned top to create proportion.

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A pro styling tip for women looking to hide their big boobs and tummy can invest in a dress with vertical stripes. You can also opt for a wrap dress or shirt dress. These garments hug the body in the right places and accentuate your curves in a tasteful manner.

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