Style Your Ethnic Skirts With These Unique Ways To Turn Heads This Festive Season

The festive season is arriving very soon. So, we have got some unique styling ideas for you to  rock your ethnic skirts with.

Poornima Pandey
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The season of festivals has arrived and thus we must be ready to embrace it with full joy and laughter, wearing the perfect outfits. Because our outfits are one of the most important parts of our festivals, they add to the happiness and make our festivals more lit up.

And in a way, they also complete the festivals by giving us the joy of looking super amazing. So, naturally, you will be worried about the looks you would be donning in the upcoming festivals. And if that is the case with you, then we are here to help you get rid of all your worries by telling you some unique ways to style ethnic skirts. Read on to discover more.

Heavy Ethnic Skirts Styling

ethnic skirt styling

We are living in a time when fusion is the key to looking stylish and appealing. So, to style your heavy ethnic skirts that have a thick border or many embellishments, embroidery with plain tops. Yes, that’s the way to go. Start by wearing your skirt and then pair up a matching or contrasting skirt with it. You can also opt for a plain top as but shirts tend to add a little more dimension to your look because of the collar. So, team up the shirt with the skirt, add a statement neckpiece and style your hair in voluminous curls.

Skirts With Kurtas

ethnic skirt styling

If you have a plain ethnic skirt that you want to don this festive season then, go for this styling idea. Wear your skirt with a contrasting kurta and add a matching dupatta to go with it. You can either choose to go for a minimalist kurta and dupatta or opt for the one that has embellishments to go with it. Also, flaunt matching jutis and leave your hair open after styling the look with boho jewellery.

Skirts With High Necks

ethnic skirt styling

Skin fit clothes look great on everyone, provided the style you’re wearing. And one of those styles is a high neck pattern that suits all body types nicely. So, take a skirt and pick a skin that fit the high neck of the accent colour of the skirt. Then Wear heavy neckpieces and earrings and finally style your hair in a bun.

Butterfly Top With Ethnic Skirt

ethnic skirt styling

This is another way that can help you ace the fashion game in the festive season. All you have to do is wear a butterfly sleeve top with a sleek style-plain ethnic skirt. The top can be in a cropped pattern with an accent of the colour in the skirt. Further, style your hair in braids or leave them open. And wear simple jewellery if your top is embellished and heavy jewellery if it is not.

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Ethnic Skirt With A Knotted Top

ethnic skirt styling

A lot of Bollywood divas have been seen sporting this look that is just absolutely impeccable for small events and family functions at home. All you have to do is style an ethnic skirt with overall prints along with knotted top. Then wear simple pieces of jewellery matching the designs of your outfit, style your look by wearing embellished footwear and tying your hair beautifully in a designer bun.

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