Colours have a significant role to play in enhancing the look of an individual. Wearing a shade that suits your tone the best, can make you stand out. While we also believe in the fact that all the colours suit everyone, there are a few shades that act as an oozing factor for some. When it comes to ladies with a dusky complexion, they are born with the privilege of slaying in the lightest shades and the darkest one. Between all the light and dark hues, there are a few colours that look amazing on dark skin tones. Taking cues from some of the leading ladies of the Bollywood, we curated a list of the colours that under all the circumstances will suit you! 


All the shades of pink, including lavender-pink, ruby pink, rose pink, ultra-pink, thulian pink, magenta, creamy pink, or fuchsia look great on dusky skin, as they go perfectly with your warm undertone. Don’t ever shy away from going all pink. We are not telling you to go overboard, just suggesting playing around with pink dresses, jackets, and sandals. One of the best pink combinations is wearing a blush pink top and clubbing it with a fuchsia blazer.  



If there has to be one of the best colours for girls with chocolaty skin, it has to be yellow. And good for us, as we can be our own sunshine. Be it summers, monsoon, or even winters, there is no season that can stop you from wearing the colour of joy. Considered one of the holy colours in India, yellow lehenga looks as great as a yellow gown. If you are planning an outing, don a plain yellow dress and enhance the look with red lipstick. The combo can never go wrong! 

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Shades Of Grey

Are you only into blacks and have not tried any shades of grey, then stop everything and order yourself either a grey dress, shirt, jacket, or kurta. In no time, that garment will become a part of your everyday wear! For those, who like to ooze the oomph with sequins and glitters, grey is your colour. Now, we are not talking about silver or white glitter, they may look alike a bit, but be very precise about the right shade, while making your purchase. 



This shade is glamorous and soothing, both at the same time. Emerald also looks marvelous on all kinds of fabric. Be it a chiffon saree, a silk Anarkali suit, a velvet dress, or a sequin top, there is no way you won’t be garnering attention wearing this shade. Some feel that with a dress that has rich embellishment, one should go with the tone that is easy on the eyes, try emerald in the same regard, you won’t be disappointed. 

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Teal Blue

A colour that every celebrity and fashionista seems high this season is tale blue. In fact, some of the ace designers, made tale blue the theme of their summer and spring collections. As everyone is going gaga over this shade and since it suits dusky girls the best, you have to try a tale blue outfit. Unlike the older times, tale blue is now making its way to the streets of high-fashion. 

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There are many, who shy away from wearing white! Free yourself from any myths and take cues from Lisa Haydon. She, who is a style icon loves wearing white. The deeper the skin tone, the better the colour of peace is likely to look on you. Play around with off-white, ivory, or daisy, all these hues will look perfect on you. 

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