Working women face many issues as they are expected to balance between work and home. If they are married comes more responsibilities, the pressure at work is no joke. A number of times when the boss gives more importance to the male co-worker there is another kind of stress. Ms Sandhya Cherian, Director, Frontier Lifeline Hospital says that Stress! – You cannot live with it… and you most certainly cannot live without it!

Everyone has some amount of stress in their life. However, recent research shows that women are twice as likely to experience depression as men, especially in the age group of 25-40. Statistics also show that women are three times more likely to suffer from anxiety disorders, or attempt suicide, as compared to men.

The reasons for these gender differences are not still very clear, but a variety of observations tend to confirm that this could be related to hormonal differences and how men’s and women’s bodies process stress hormones. Women, in general, tend to have a stronger genetic predisposition for depression than men do.

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Around 15% of women experience postpartum depression after pregnancy and delivery, while some women suffer from depression due to hypothyroidism. Women are also seen to be more involved in personal relationships than men and hence get negatively affected when they are disrupted.

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There are many married women and housewives who have entered the workforce and many find it difficult to strike a balance between their family and their job, which again leads to stress.

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Your body is a reflection on your lifestyle. Hence maintaining a healthy work-life balance is very vital for each and every individual since it can have an impact on your physical and mental well-being, your creativity and your productivity.


The best way to beat stress is by meditation, taking deep breaths, indulging in certain self- rehabilitation activities such as physical exercise, by developing new interests in activities like painting, stitching, reading, listening to music, building a support system by talking to friends and family, getting enough sleep and getting professional help, if need be.


In conclusion, don’t let stress pile up and take over your life…instead calm yourself, set your priorities for the day, stop stressing about the outcome. Let today be a new beginning! Do your best and let the rest go…and always remember that the Greatest Wealth is Health!