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How To Remove Password From PDF

It is quite easy to remove the password of a portable document format file. Follow this guide. 
Published -13 Feb 2022, 13:00 ISTUpdated -13 Feb 2022, 09:39 IST
easy tips to remove password from pdf file

PDF or a portable document format is a file format that is used to present documents on an independent software. The file format was developed by Adobe in the year 1992. These files are commonly used to share read-only documents. They are used for documents such as eBooks, user manuals, scanned documents, application forms among others. 

Access to PDF files can be restricted by setting passwords. This feature helps restrict the printing and editing of the document. This is mostly with cases where the document contains private and sensitive information.  PDF documents can have two types of passwords - 

Document Open Password

This password is also known as a user password and for this, the user needs a password to open the PDF. 

Permission Password

Also known as the master password, a permission password is required to change the permission settings. With this password, you can change the printing, editing, copying content settings and restrict one from doing any of these. 

In this case, the user doesn't need a password to open the PDF. They just need a password to change the settings which have already been set. 

How To Remove Password From PDF File?

Yes, passwords do protect your files from being misused. However, there can be times when you want to remove the password which protects your PDF file. This can be when you don't want to trouble the other person with the password hassle.  In this case, you will have to remove the password from your end. 

How To Remove PDF Password From Android Phone?

Let's quickly tell you how you can remove password from your PDF file if using an android phone. 

  • First, download the PDF file from which you want to remove the password.
  • Download PDF Utilities from the Playstore app. 
  • Open the application and tap on select. 
  • Select the PDF file you downloaded. 
  • On selecting the file, click on start. 
  • A pop-up notification will ask you the PDF password. 
  • Enter the password and then click on OK. 
  • Next, go back to the same location where the original PDF was saved. 
  • You will find the new PDF file without password protection. 

How To Remove Password From PDF On iPhone?

iphone password remove pdf

Password from PDF can also be removed from your iPhone. For this, you can use an application called PDF expert. This can be downloaded from the play store app. To remove the password from your document, you will have to buy a paid subscription of the app. However, a free 1-week trial is available and you can quickly fix the issue during the one-week span. 

  • Download the PDF on your phone. 
  • Next, install the application. 
  • On the app, locate your PDF file. 
  • Tap to open the file and then enter the password. This will unlock your document.
  • On the top-right corner, you will see a 3 dots icon, click and select change password. 
  • You will get an option to select remove the password. 
  • This will help remove the password on the PDF file. 
  • Next time you try to open it, the document won't ask you to type a password. 

How To Remove Password From PDF On Google Chrome?

If you are using a PC or laptop, you can easily remove the password from your PDF file. Google Chrome is a browser already downloaded on your system so you don't need to download it again. 

  • Open the PDF document on your system. 
  • Unlock it by entering the password. 
  • Once it is unlocked, click on the Print button and then select Save As PDF. 
  • Click on save and locate it wherever you wish to on your system. (how to unblock on instagram)

How To Remove Password From PDF On MAC?

If you are using a MAC laptop, you can easily remove the password from your PDF. 

  • Download the PDF file on your MAC.
  • Go to the finder to locate your file. 
  • Double click on the file and open it to preview it. 
  • Next, enter the password to unlock the PDF document. 
  • Once the PDF is unlocked, click on the file. 
  • Click on export as PDF and then enter the new file name.
  • Set a new location and click on save. 
  • Now your new PDF file will no longer ask for a password. 

How To Unlock PDF Without Password?

how to unlock pdf without password

You might receive a PDF file that has a password but you don't remember it. If you wish to unlock it without the password then it can be tough. It is not generally possible. There are a lot of applications online, however, available that claim to help you unlock the PDF without the password but there is no guarantee if the application is safe. If you use a local application that isn't credible, you might end up losing your data or your data can be misused. 


If you want to use any such PDF unlocking apps online then make sure they are credible. Read their reviews and then follow the steps as given on the application. We hope this guide helps you quickly remove passwords from your PDF. For more such articles, stay tuned! 


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