Experiencing skin problems is common and we all have something or the other at least once in a lifetime. While some problems are short-lived but some are rather prolonged and need immediate attention. This is where the role of a skin specialist comes in. They are those who have a specialised diploma in cosmetology education. If you are interested in becoming one then there are indeed many types of degrees available. 

What Does A Skin Specialist Do

In this job, you have to treat all sorts of skin conditions which could include acne, unwanted hair and pimples. Under your job description, you have to study the skin conditions of your client and prescribe the best skin care products which suit their skin type. You also have to well versed with the different dermatological ailments and guide the client accordingly. 

Educational Qualification To Become A Skincare Specialist

skincare specialist

  • The minimum qualification has to be a class 12 pass. 
  • You can go for a vocational degree course after that but in some workplaces, you are required to have a graduate degree.
  • To get a diploma in cosmetology, you can check out ITIs. 
  • There are Esthetician courses in organisations like Shahnaz Husain, VLCC, Naturals, etc. Here candidates are recruited who are fresh out of vocational school. The certifications given by these institutes also have a lot of value so they are a good option. 

Skills Needed To Become A Skincare Specialist

  • Have an eye for details. 
  • Good sense of judgment
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good documentation skills
  • A fair amount of marketing skills

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License To Practice 

  • Once you have your education in place you have to obtain the right license before your begin practicing it. This is important especially if you want to start something of your own. 
  • The license varies from municipality to municipality so research the relevant details that you must know of. 
  • Besides the shop establishment (gumasta) license, you need a PAN card made for your company. 

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Employment Opportunities To Become A Skincare Specialist

You can be self employed or simply collaborate with salons, spas and health centers. Some big players in this sector include VLCC, Lakmé, Gold's Gym, Naturals, Shahnaz Hussain's. etc.  

Work Environment 

  • Be ready to work for long hours and sometimes it could be longer than others. 
  • You initially may have to be on your feet all the time. 
  • The maximum amount of work tends to be when people get off work or on weekends when they have time so you know when you are going to busy. 

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