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    NEET, NIFT, GATE, IIT-JEE: How To Deal With Failure In Competitive Exams

    Failure should be dealt smartly. Instead of panicking or numbing yourself do things that can relax you to thing about future sanely. 
    Updated at - 2020-02-24,13:21 IST
    Coping with failure

    We all have watched 3 Idiots, the film that taught us to not be a “broken anda” while running fast in the race of life. We love that movie for several reasons, but especially because it teaches us to stand up even after facing failure in the race of life. Remember that dialogue? “ life is a race if you don’t run fast… you will be a broken anda!!” While reel life can motivate and inspire us, following the tricks shown on-screens somehow doesn’t seem practical while dealing with real-life problems. So what do we do in a situation where the future might look hazy because things didn’t turn out to be as you planned? 

    Do not demean yourself 

    dont demean

    First thing first, just because a few things didn’t go as per the way someone or you planned for yourself, doesn’t mean you should get comfortable demeaning yourselves. Life is not like a swing, which is supposed to go just in a set direction, instead, it is a roller coaster ride, full of uncertainties. And that’s the beauty of it. Facing things that you didn’t know was coming your way. The key is to embrace and relish it in the best way possible! 

    Let out your frustration

    Besides all the pep talk, yes, the whole situation of not being able to get into a college which you wanted to be at, can be irritating. In such a situations keeping composure is fine, but do not numb yourself. Instead, vent out frustration in a healthy way. Start writing quotes, stories, or blogs. You can also try painting or if you feel this is not enough and feel the desire to hit something or cry out loud, do not hesitate and step back from freeing yourself from emotions that causing pain. 

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    Take a break 

    take a break

    Importance of break is not just limited to stress reduction, taking a pause, stepping out to explore the world can do wonders. While you must be feeling low, travelling can boost your confidence. Change in the atmosphere will allow you to think of things that you can do further in life. If not, then it will allow you to find that inner strength to try to achieve your goal with double energy.

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    Participate in creative activities


    Pottery, sketching, craft making, or simply volunteering for social causes like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan will give a sense of accomplishment, hence helping you to understand you are worth more than you think. Plus any creative activity can be highly therapeutic, especially pottery. Being able to express yourself with the help of art will give a sense of relaxation, increase your focus and will give ample room for experimenting. 

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    Think about endless opportunities 

    After you relax your mind, free yourself from destructive feelings and grief, its time you sanely think about your future. As long as you’re alive there are endless opportunities in every direction, one needs to dig a little deeper to uncover all the amazing options. If you are feeling stuck, try consulting an education counsellor, he/she might reveal more career options. Remember to not halt, keep moving to keep achieving in life. 

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