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Habits You Did Not Realise Are Making You Fat

Wondering what is making you gain weight even when you try hard on losing it? Here are some habits you might want to pay attention to.
Published - 18 May 2021, 15:00 ISTUpdated - 18 May 2021, 15:25 IST
habits making you fat main

All of us have some or the other habit which makes us put on weight without realising it and making it obvious, even when we have diett on our minds. If the following are a part of your life, then quit now!

1Late Working

late night

When our sleep is inadequate, we tend to eat more to stay up and this slims down our chances of losing weight. According to a researcher dieters who slept five hours or fewer gained twice the weight as compared to those who completed a 7-hour sleep schedule.

2Potato Chips Love

potato chips

Yes we love chips but those potato chips are slow poison! They have more salt, unsaturated fat, sodium and everything your body must not get. Opt for baked potatoes instead, start controlling yourself when you have the urge to have them. The best way is to gorge on water and juices as they kill cravings.

3Combo Meal

combo meal

When we go for a combo meal, which most of us do who are big on saving money, we end up eating what we do not even want to initially. Like you are craving for a burger but get the fries as well, that is nothing but added calories. You did this simply because of the combo deal! Go for alacarte, pick that one food item you crave, finish, and done.

4Talkative Dinner


No this does not imply that you do not socialise and talk with your friends over dinner or lunch or any meal, we are simply saying balance it out. The logic here is that when we hang out more with friends and eat, we tend to eat way more than we must. It would be amazing if you have a control and know what your limit is but if you are aware that you can get carried away then either carry your snacks like cucumbers etc or keep eating and once finished, look away from the food and talk.

5Watching Food Channels All The Time

food channels

MasterChef and other food channels are mind-boggling but one negative point here is that some of us then start salivating more and then we end up gorging on more food, ordering in what we see on the TV and there goes our diet. You have to quit doing that! You are unnecessarily consuming food and calories you did not really need!

6Too Many Healthy Fats

olive oil habit

Going healthy with what we eat is excellent but going overboard with anything is wrong. Do get yourself healthy oils like olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, etc but do remember that these are healthy fats that are indeed high in calories. Healthy fats are high on calories and very good for us and should never be avoided but opt for more whole foods like avocado.

7Shopping Without a Grocery List

grocery list

If you go grocery shopping and do not make a list of the specific things you want, then you will always end up buying things you do not need. An impulse purchase is the last damage you can do to your  body. So make a list, get what you need, and do not look here and there in other goodies sections. 

8Milky Coffees

milky coffee

Many of us love our coffees with a lot of milk but guess what, that is the biggest blunder! Once in a while, it is fine but having milky coffee every day is super fattening. Switch to black coffee instead as that gives the same amount of caffeine without the extra calories.

9Not Eating Enough Fruits And Veggies

veg fruits

Some people have a horrible habit of not eating fruits and vegetables which is the worst thing you could do to your body. The veges and all those fresh fruits are super loaded with beneficial nutrients, and most are very low in calories as well. They give you all that nourishment you need and help out your waistline as well. So why run away from them? Have them in your breakfast, chomp on chopped cucumbers and carrots when you want to munch on something. Put them in your soups, lasagnas, pastas etc.

10Eating From Large Plates And Bowls

arge plates

Our Rajas and Maharajas would enjoy great food on huge thaalis and that was the sign of royalty for sure. But today, we have become more practical and it is important to understand that health comes first in case you haven't even after this pandemic. To lose weight or maintain it and in case you do not have a control on your portion size which many won't, the advice is that you take a smaller plate and eat in that.

According to studies, if you wat take a larger plate, you tend to take more food on your plate which makes you consume much more than you generally do. So take a smaller one as that tricks your brain into having only that much.