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10 Highlights Of French Cuisine That Make It So Special

Bonjour Les Amis, Here's is why French cuisine is loved across the world and 10 things that make it super special. 
Published - 27 Aug 2021, 16:41 ISTUpdated - 27 Aug 2021, 17:10 IST
french cuisine and what makes it special m

French cuisine is one of the most interesting and renowned cuisines that is known for its distinguished taste, aroma, and presentation. It is further, vast, and one has to truly love the food from within if one is into French culinary arts. However, these adjectives still do not do complete justice to the beauty of French cuisine and that is why we thought of digging deep and telling you 10 points, specialties, and techniques that make this cuisine the best in the world.  So, read on!

1Food For Every Occasion

food for every occasion

There are special distinguished recipes for every different occasion throughout the year. Christmas, thanksgiving, New year's eve, or Halloween, you name it, the French cuisine has to offer something unique for your tastebuds every single time. 


2French Wine

french wine

 The French cuisine is most famous for its delicious, different varieties of wine which goes along with the main course. Wine here is served in red and white variants which is produced using the best technique and different kinds of grapefruit. 

3The Unique Technique

The technique

The traditional French cooking techniques, namely the Nouvelle and Haute cooking style have enabled the French chefs to explore and produce several different variations of just one dish. This, in turn, has been one of the prime reasons why French cuisine is so diverse because of the endless possibilities made possible because of such cooking techniques, to improvise on certain recipes. 

4French Pateries

French pasteries

The French are responsible for introducing some of the most delicious pastries to the world. These sweet, cream-filled yummy bread are a significant part of French cuisine. Some examples include the macaron and the croissant. 

5The Perfect Blend

The perfect blend

The French cuisine offers a perfect blend of meat and veggies. There's a wide range of seafood platters to choose from, which include balanced quantities of meat, veggies, and flavourful sauces.

6Multi-Level Course

Multi level course

 If you ever go for fine dining and opt for a French meal course, you'll notice that the dishes that are served to you will start small and eventually grow big as you progress towards the final meal. The concept of a multi-level course originated from France, where you're served simple dishes as starters and ultimately as you progress towards the final dish, the recipes will start becoming more exotic, more flavourful, and complex and will include more ingredients.

7World Famous French Cheese And Wine

wine and cheese

French cheese is very popular among people from across the globe because of its blend of creamy and cheesy texture with an iconic sour-sweet milky kind of after taste. French cheese is usually paired with the famous French red-wine variations. According to research, the dry mouth after drinking wine is perfectly balanced out by the creamy cheese which initiates a crazy party of flavours right in your mouth.

8Limited Use Of Herbs And Spices

herbs and spices

While French cuisine has limited use of herbs and spices and is solely based on flavoured sauces and simple preparations, there are still a few recipes that include the best of these herbs and spices for that authentic French flavour. Some of these special herbs and spices include parsley, chives, garlic powder, saffron, and tarragon.

9Simple Yet Elegant

Simple Yet elegant

 The preparation of French recipes is very simple, clean, and elegant. With limited and exotic ingredients, countless possibilities of improvisation and cooking techniques, French cuisine is undoubtedly the most simple yet delicious cuisine in the world.

10A Winter Speciality

Gratin dauphinois

Originating from the southeastern part of France, this cheesy baked potato dish named Gratin Dauphinois has made its way into the hearts of people across all of France and around the globe as well. It is a seasonal dish, exclusively reserved for the winter season. It is the most famous dish among travellers from across the globe.