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    Katrina Kaif Celebrates Galentine's Day With Her Gals & Spills The Beans

    Celebrating Galentine’s Day with her girl gang, Katrina Kaif played a fun round of Never Have I Ever. They spilled the beans about their friendship and past relationships. See why Kaif has cried at Diwali parties.   
    • Krati Purwar
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    Updated at - 2023-02-14,12:27 IST
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    On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Kay By Katrina shared a fun video of her celebrating Galentine’s Day with her girlfriends, Mini Mathur and Karishma Kohli. The women played Never Have I Ever and revealed juicy secrets while eating a scrumptious cake.

    Galentine’s Day is supposed to be the day when you celebrate your friendship with your girlfriends, generally celebrated on February 13. Cool idea, isn’t it? Kaif got on board with it and the idea behind the game was if you have done something that is written on the chit, you have to take a bite of the cake. 

    Snooped Through My Significant Other’s Phone

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    Kohli denied it, but Mathur pointed the question at Kaif, looked into the camera and funnily asked Vicky Kaushal to change the passwords of his phone. However, clearing the air, Kaif said that in the past, when she was not much wiser, she did snoop through the phone of her significant other.

    However, she swore that she would never ever do it again, even if someone else would keep a phone open in front of her. 

    Faked An Injury To Get Out Of Something

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    Kaif said she did try to fake getting out of the movie New York. However, all three were glad that she did not. Mathur said she would fake an injury at airports so that she could get out of not dragging her carry-ons.

    Kept A Crush Secret From The People In The Room

    Mathur ate the cake as Kaif pointed out that she was looking guilty. Kohli said she had always been open about her crushes and pointed out that Kaif has also been honest about people she liked. 

    Googled Myself

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    All of them took a dive into the cake with big smiles on their faces. They all confessed that they have Google-ed themselves in the past. Well, who hasn’t? Everyone likes to know what Google would show when they search their names.

    Forgotten The Name Of The Date

    All three started laughing as soon as Mathur read the question. Kaif said that she was 100% sure that Kohli would have forgotten the name of her date multiple times.

    Mathur said that when Kohli would have forgotten the name, she would have said, “I think you are cute, let me call you Karan or Arjun or some random name.”

    Slid Into A Guy’s DM

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    Mathur was about to say something when Kaif pointed out that since Instagram has come into existence, Mathur has been married. Shyly, Mathur revealed that she had slipped into George Clooney’s DM. To this Katrina Kaif said, “Oh! It is allowed.”

    Watched An Entire TV Series In A Single Day

    All took a bite of the cake and agreed that watching a series in a single day is the best thing to do. 

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    Cried In A Public Bathroom

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    Katrina Kaif took a bite of the cake and said she had done it a couple of times at Diwali parties. 

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    Drunk Dialled An Ex

    Kohli picked a chit and said – Never Have I Ever Drunk Dialled An Ex – and all took a bite of the cake. 

    It was a fun round and a fun game for your next outing with your friends. Let us know in the Facebook comments which questions would you ask in the next session of Never Have I Ever with your friends. 



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