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    Top 5 Types Of Beauty Oils That Should Be In Your Kitty

    Ladies, for that extra touch of care to your beauty regime, add these natural beauty oils and see the difference. 
    • Tanushree De
    • Editorial
    Updated at - 2019-03-31,20:51 IST
    beauty oils for skin and haircare

    All of us dream of having glowing, flawless skin and luscious locks of hair. But the key to good skin and hair doesn’t lie in the numerous beauty products having new-age chemicals in them. Even if you see a difference for some time, such products ultimately end up damaging your skin. So why not try something natural, having a pure essence to cure skin and hair problems? Enter beauty oils. For years, people have been using natural oils to take care of dry skin or for more hair growth but there are actually many benefits of beauty oils that you can only experience once you try. From the very popular Argan Oil to the relatively unknown Moringa Oil, let’s have a look at the magical benefits of different beauty oils.

    Argan Oil

    grandeur Moroccan Argan Oil

    Extracted from the kernels of argan tree, the Moroccan Argan Oil is high in oleic acid and linoleic acid which are great for skin that is prone to acne breakouts. It hydrates skin, reduces inflammation and also enables other skincare products to easily penetrate the skin. To get problem-free skin, try the Grandeur 100% Pure & Natural Moroccan Argan Oil, which is an elixir for Dry Hair and goo for skin care too. A 30ml bottle of the same has an MRP of Rs 699 but you can get it here for Rs 309 only.

    Moringa Oil

    Pure Rus Cold Pressed Organic Moringa Oil

    Also called as Ben Oil, Moringa Oil has been used by Hindus and Egyptians for a long time. It protects your skin from pollution and also helps it to retain moisture. The plant of Moringa Oleifera has various nutrients like proteins, vitamin B6, B2, A plus iron and magnesium which protect skin against free radicals which can slow down ageing of the skin. Moringa Oil is especially good for acne prone skin due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Don’t know which brand to buy? Why not try the Pure Rus Cold Pressed Organic Moringa Oil for Hair and Skin. Available at Rs 399 in the market, you can get it here for Rs 332.

    Sweet Almond Oil

    Morpheme Remedies Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil

    This is a very popular oil having numerous benefits for your skin, hair and other body parts too. Sweet Almond Oil is high on vitamin E and A which take care of skin cells and reduce the occurrence of acne. It protects the skin from sun damage and the fatty acids in Sweet Almond Oil keep the skin moisturised and smooth. To get its benefits, start by applying Morpheme Remedies Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil. A 200ml of this oil can be availed at Rs 599 but you can get it here for Rs 329.

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    Sandalwood Oil

    Chandan or sandalwood is the perfect solution for irritated skin that’s prone to boils and acne. So what can be better than Sandalwood Oil to tame down its problems. Sandalwood oil promotes the growth of skin cells is also good for hair as it helps in reducing dandruff. A bottle of Natural Sandalwood Essential Oil can be bought for Rs 375. You can easily get it here for Rs 300.

    Grapeseed Oil

    Organix Mantra Grapeseed Carrier Oil

    The nutritious Grapeseed Oil is known to heal acne and moisturise skin. Full of vitamins, essential fatty acids (like palmitic, stearic, and linoleic acid) and antioxidants, Grapeseed Oil reduces scars and gives various beauty benefits even if you consume it. Try the Organix Mantra Grapeseed Carrier Oil for Skin and Hair Care. A bottle of this cold pressed natural oil is available for Rs 449 but you can buy it for a discounted rate of Rs 285 here.

    So there you have it. Five beauty oils that can do wonders for your skin and hair. Try them today to pamper your skin and hair to see the power of nature. To know more about natural skincare and tips to choose the best bodywash for your skin type, keep reading Her Zindagi.

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