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9 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Hair Permanently Straightened

If you are planning to get your hair permanently straightened, then keep these things in mind.  
Published -12 Sep 2022, 16:15 ISTUpdated -12 Sep 2022, 16:47 IST
permanent hair straightening main

Getting your hair straightened permanently is a commitment. This means that you will not see your curly hair again and you will have sleek hair for a very long time. However, remember that permanently straightened hair is a lot more than just sleek hair. You will have to deal with the damage, hair fall, lack of volume and many more things. Here are a few things that you should know before getting your hair straightened that no one will tell you. 

Hair Fall

Permanently straightening your hair requires the involvement of several chemicals that can be extremely harmful to your strands. This might lead to excess hair fall. Hair fall is a natural phenomenon, especially during the rainy season but after getting your hair straightened, you will find hair strands on your pillow case, comb, etc., more often. 

Thin & Weak Hair

Due to the use of chemicals in these procedures, the bonds of the hair can be broken making it weaker and thinner. 


damaged frizzy hair

The chemicals and heat used during the process can also cause serious damage to your hair. Your hair might become rough and brittle after some time.

Not Much Scope For Styling

After getting your hair straightened, your hair will increase in length but you will lose the thickness. You will get sleek hair, which might make it difficult to style because there is not much you can do with poker-straight hair.

Lack Of Volume

volume hair

Poker straight hair might look pretty and you don’t have to put in much effort to tame them but it comes with a price. You will lose the bounce and volume, which makes your hair seem unnatural. 

Lack Of Moisture

The chemicals used in the procedure can rip your hair off its moisture making them dry. Therefore, you need to make sure to deep condition your hair to keep them healthy.

Extra Care

straight hair care

Curly hair requires a lot of care on a daily basis and people usually think that this won’t be the case after they get their hair straightened permanently. But you will have to put in a lot of effort to maintain your straight hair as they are already damaged due to the procedure. 

Specific Products

Your hairdresser or other people might recommend hair products to you. No matter how much you trust that person, you should always go through the ingredients yourself first as these products may contain chemicals that can further harm your hair. Therefore, you have to choose your products wisely. 

Can be a Disaster If Gone Wrong

If the treatment doesn’t suit you or the hairdresser makes a mistake during the procedure, you can end up with burnt hair. Therefore, go for a hairdresser whom you trust and enquire first before getting any permanent treatments done. 

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