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  • Shahnaz Husain
  • Editorial, 27 Apr 2022, 16:32 IST

Shahnaz Husain Shares Tips To Make Your Scent Stay Longer During Summers

Tips and tricks to make your perfume last all day by our expert Shahnaz Husain
  • Shahnaz Husain
  • Editorial, 27 Apr 2022, 16:32 IST
how to make summer perfume last longer by shahnaz husain

Fragrances are very much a part of grooming. In fact, perfumes put the finishing touch to our grooming. The market for perfumes is not only vast, but some of them constitute the most expensive among grooming aids. 


Nature has also bestowed upon us the most wonderful fragrances. Imagine what a rose or jasmine would be like without their delightful fragrances. In fact, nature’s perfumes are all distinct and different from each other. The fragrance of a rose can be identified even with the eyes closed. During the ancient times, the aromas of plant products were actually used to treat psychosomatic and psychological problems, due to their effect on the nerves. Many of these were said to have a calming and soothing effect on the mind. 

Fragrances are very much a part of grooming

Essential Oils

Perfumes can be derived from natural sources, like the essences of flowers, citrus fruits, sandalwood and other woody essential oils. A natural perfume can be obtained by blending essential oils of such aromatic plants. You can try blending two or three different oils and choose the blend which appeals to you the most. But, essential oils cannot be used against the skin by themselves and must be added to water or a carrier (pressed) oil. Several drops of an essential oil can be added to 50 ml of the carrier oil. Remember that the actual fragrance emerges about twenty minutes after application and they have a lot to do with individual body chemistry. Another way of using natural fragrances is to put a few drops on a tissue or small piece of cotton wool. Tuck it in your clothes. 

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Most of the perfumes that we buy are synthetic blends. The world’s best perfumes are synthetic blends and are actually very effective. Many perfumers believe that the modern synthetic blends are actually better than ones derived from natural sources. In fact, some of them are much more expensive. 

world’s best perfumes are synthetic blends

How To Select The Right Perfume

To select the right perfume, one needs to know a few facts. Body chemistry is important, as the effect may depend on individual body odour. That is why it is best to try out the perfume on one’s own skin. The exact fragrance of a perfume is apparent only when it comes in contact with the skin. Just smelling perfumes does not help. In fact, smelling too many different perfumes can confuse the olfactory system. 

advice from shahnaz husain


Climate also plays a part in choosing the right perfume. In hot and humid conditions, it is better to go for light and fresh fragrances, rather than heavy ones. The effect of perfumes intensifies in hot and humid weather. A heavy perfume can be quite overpowering. In fact, some perfumes can even trigger a headache in some individuals. In cold and dry weather, a heavier scent can be used. Lemon, rose water, lavender or sandalwood are light and refreshing during hot weather. The time of day also matters. Go for light fragrances in the morning and heavier ones for the night. 

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Colognes can be used during summer


Colognes can be used during summer and be added to bath water. You can be generous with the use of colognes, even splashing them on. Colognes and Eau de Toilette consist mainly of water, or a mixture of alcohol and water, with only 2 to 5 % perfume. They are lighter and the fragrance evaporates, leaving a light lingering fragrance. But, when it comes to perfumes, they should be used sparingly. 

Tips :

1. Apply just a drop or two of perfume on the pulse points. These are at the temple, the wrists, the crook of your arm (in front of the elbow), beneath the neck, behind the knees. 

2. Apply perfumes before wearing your clothes, as they can linger on clothes and mix with other colognes or perfumes. 

3. If you have oily skin, colognes are much more suitable. 

Perfumes derived from natural sources

4. Keep your perfumes away from direct light and heat, in a cool, dark place. 

5. Try fragrance co-ordination. Try to get the same scent for your talcum powder and cologne. This way, your fragrances will not clash.  

6. Avoid using perfumes if you are going to be out in the sun for a long time. Some perfumes may be photosensitizing, leading to a reaction on the skin, like a rash, or blotches.

Famous celebrity beauty expert Shahnaz Husain is well known for giving easy yet effective beauty solutions, which does wonders to the skin. Be it hair or skin, her useful tips are always on point. 

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