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Cosmetic Products To Create A Perfect Base For Makeup 

Do your struggle to create the perfect base for makeup? Let’s browse the products to achieve perfection.
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -13 Feb 2022, 12:00 ISTUpdated -13 Feb 2022, 09:38 IST
set powder on face

Whether going to a party, getting ready for a date or attending an office event, having a perfect makeup base is crucial. It gives a flawless finish and sets the tone for further application of cosmetics. In this article, we will see what products help to create a perfect makeup base.

Why Makeup Base Is Necessary?

A makeup base makes your skin appear flawless and offers a poreless canvas to apply blush, highlighter, bronzer and other products. It also maintains a fresh look all day long and prevents the makeup from melting, creasing and fading. 

What Products To Use To Create A Makeup Base

A Cleanser


Before creating a base, a cleanser is one of the most important products that you need. It should be mild on the skin and free from chemicals so that your skin does not get an allergic reaction. Cleaning the face is the first step towards getting your skin ready for makeup.

A cleanser clears out the dirt particles, pollutants and grease. You can also scrub the skin to get rid of dead skin layers and blackheads. It creates a clean base to apply makeup and prevents uneven patches from developing. It also helps the cosmetics to settle better on the face.

A Moisturiser

After washing the facing, it is crucial to apply moisturiser. It can be a gel-cream, hydrating serum or face cream. It makes the skin smooth and ensures the smooth gliding of makeup tools.

A moisturiser not only maintains the hydration level, but it also prevents the face from looking dull. A good amount of cream on the cheeks, nose, neck and forehead will get your skin ready for the application of makeup. It also ensures easy removal of products when you wash the face at the end of the day.

A Primer


Though underrated, primer is a crucial product to create a flawless base to apply cosmetics. It fills the pores of your skin and smooths it so that other products can settle in nicely. You will only need a small to apply on your face, and it will do its magic.

Take some of the primers in hand, apply a few dots of it on the face and dab it softly on the skin around the nose, eye, forehead, upper lips and cheeks. You can also buy a tinted primer that will do the job of the corrector and help to bid goodbye to any blemishes and dark spots.

A Foundation

To achieve an even skin tone and radiant glow, applying foundation is a necessity. You do not have to apply a thick layer to cover every spot, else it tends to become patchy and starts coming off after a few hours of application.

You must use a good quality liquid matte foundation and apply a very thin layer of it on your face. You can also apply a few drops of it all over your face and blend it across using a blender foam, brush or finger. 

Another important aspect of applying the foundation is choosing the right shade. Many people have different skin tones on their hands and faces. Therefore, when you buy a foundation, apply the colours on the cheeks and see which one blends perfectly. Use that shade on the face and neck whenever creating a base for makeup.

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A Concealer


One of the main aims of applying makeup is to cover uneven skin tone, dark circles and spots. Concealer is an important cosmetic product for the under eye and eyelids. It covers the dark circles and makes your face appear bright and fresh.

You can apply it on scars and spots as well to get rid of unwanted marks on the face. It offers a flawless look and makes your eyes pop. With concealer, you will have to take care of the shade. It cannot be a shade lighter or darker. It should perfectly blend on your face.

Using the point of brush or finger, you can place small dots on your eyes and under-eye areas. With a finger or sponge, you can dab it softly so that it gets spread evenly across. It also prevents the appearance of fine lines.

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A Setting Powder

The last step to achieve a flawless makeup base is to apply the setting powder. You must ensure that the shade complements your skin tone and is fairly translucent. You can use a brush to apply a thin layer of powder to the face.

It helps the products to settle on the face and prevents the makeup from melting. It also helps the cosmetics blend perfectly and avoids the ‘cakey’ buildup. You must also apply the powder on the neck to ensure that your face and neck have a matching skin tone.

Once you are done with the steps, you can apply a setting spray to keep the makeup in place for hours. After this, you can apply blush, eye shadow, liner, matte lipstick and mascara. For the office, you can apply a lip shade, mascara and eyeliner for a minimal yet elegant look to carry throughout the day.

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