Green tea is known to have plenty of health as well as skin benefits. These days we see a number of green tea based products in the market that cater to skincare issues. Be it clay masks, face creams or sheet masks, these leaves and its by-products have become a holy grail for all those who care about their skin and health. Our oily skin beauties who unfortunately have to deal with acne, swear by green tea and in case you have not yet explored it, it is time you do. But how does green tea do the job? 

Dheer Shah, CEO at Samaara Tea explained to HerZindagi how and what makes green tea one of the best solutions. He shared that "Green tea contains plant-based compounds called catechins. The catechins have antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. The fact that green tea doesn't go through the same withering and oxidation process as black, oolong and other types of teas, makes it retain its organic benefits. Excessive secretion of oil leads to the formation of mild acne and fills up the pores in your skin with oil. Green tea contains polyphenols that help in reducing mild acne and prevents oil glands from producing excessive oil."

Many health experts recommend skincare products that contain green tea extracts or to consume green tea for the longevity of healthy and glowing skin. While some may prefer the application of green tea masks, creams in their cleansing, toning and moisturizing (CTM) rituals. Additionally, people who have incorporated drinking green tea in their daily schedules, have seen a reduction in their acne and healthier skin.


Drinking green tea gives a boost to your metabolism and detoxifies the toxins from your body. It is believed that to have a healthy looking and acne-free skin you need to ensure that the food you consume is oil-free, healthy, anti-inflammatory and stress-free. If you’re happy on the inside, your skin will radiate instantly. 

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Keeping all these properties in mind, green tea not only has chemical substances that help in reducing acne, it also has properties that cleanse your system, absorbs extra oil from your system, leaving you feeling light and satiated.

Sebum Control

An acne-prone skin type releases extra sebum oil which provides moisture to your skin and scalp. However, in an acne prone skin, our hormones are prone to have high amounts of sebum oil secreted which causes bacterial growth and results in acne. This is the reason green tea is recommended to reduce acne. 

DIY Green Tea Mask

After consuming green tea, you can also make DIY green tea face masks and avail twofold benefits.


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One such home remedy that has helped several women is that after they have used green tea, they let the tea leaves brew for about half an hour and then strain them.

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Later on they add some baking soda and honey to make a paste. This helps in cleansing the pores and cleans the dust from your pores.

Green Tea Purchasing Tips

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"While purchasing a green tea, one must ensure that they have real extract of green tea leaves, only then can you reap the benefits for the same," adviced Dheer Shah. 

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Besides avoiding certain food items, it is important that you use the right products as well and avoid irking your skin. Before consuming anything or applying anything to your face directly, it is best to do a patch test on the inner side of your elbow as natural products or ingredients do not suit some people. 

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