Lesser Known Facts About Face Oils & The Benefits You Didn't Know

Use facial oils the right way, add them to your makeup routine and check out the lesser known facts about them as explained by an expert. 

Kishori Sud
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When the two words ‘skin’ and ‘oil’ are mentioned together, it sounds like a recipe for disaster. However, many still do not understand that face oils can work wonders on various skin woes and can be a transformation catalyst for the skin. Face oils are designed to provide the skin with the right hydration and lock essential moisture into the skin.

Pooja Parkar, Founder, Root Natural told HerZindagi that "with varied skin types and related concern areas, it is imperative to recognise the right kind of facial oil. While facial oils have numerous benefits, it is important to choose the right option. Speaking about the benefits of face oils, their active ingredients are proven to be beneficial inmore ways than one".

Benefits Of Facial Oils

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  • Provide the skin with healthy radiance
  • Right moisturisation for dry to combination skin
  • Can reduce wrinkles
  • May act as a primer for makeup application
  • Effectively reduces rashes and redness
  • Can reduce dark spots and blemishes

In order to achieve satisfactory results, it is important to know how the magic portion canhelp and nourish the skin. Parkar shared that it is a myth that "greasy skin types must not use facial oils." However, she recommends the usage of the facial oil that "is perfect for your skin type and one must consult a dermatologist for the same. Few face oils contain essential linolates that can actually help in regulating sebum production."

A good quality facial oil will never lead to breakouts. The oil quality is of utmostpriority as distilled or synthetic oils may lead to breakouts and acne. Additionally, few oils actually consist of acne control properties and also help in reducing redness, scarring, and blemishes.

Right application in the right amount is the key to achieving optimum results. Just like ourbodies need a healthy diet, facial oils provide our skin with the right amount of moisture and hydration. Without proper hydration, the skin tends to become dry, dull and unhealthy which leads to build-up of dead cells and rough layers.

Face oils need to be cautiously incorporated into our daily skincare routine. It is oftenrecommended to be the last step so as to seal the moisture

How To Use Facial Oil

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Cleansing is the key step to help slough off dead cells that have built up on your skin as it helps in exfoliating dullness and impurities.

Go ahead and smooth on a moisturizer of your choice that will help in creating long-lasting hydration. During day time, it is advisable to use a moisturiser with sunscreen formulated with SPF.

Once you have applied a moisturiser, pat on some facial oil. Make it a part of your morning and night skincare routine by usingfour to five drops of oil onto the palm of your hand. With your finger, dab small amount if oil on your cleansed skin. Smoothen and press the oil on to your skin all over the face and neck and the base of your neck with your hands in slapping motion with a light hand. Smoothen the oil everywhere except the eyes. Also remeber that less is more.

Facial Oils In Makeup Routines

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Add a few drops of facial oil to your primer and they will give the right hydration tothe skin and also create a perfect makeup base

For people with dry skin, facial oils can be applied before the foundation that canboost your skin and leave you with a bright and healthy look. You can also mix a few drops with your foundation for the dewy look.

So order the right facial oil and get started for that supple, hydrated skin.

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