Expert Tips To Control Your Hair Fall By Dr. Nidhi Gupta

By Anupam Dabral24 Aug 2018, 09:10 IST

With a 24x7 busy schedule, hair care doesn’t really seem to be a priority for many. Lack of a balanced diet and hormonal changes are often considered to be primary causes for hair loss. Once the hair loss triggers most you might be resorting to chemically loaded products which in the long run can show an adverse impact on your hair. Receding hairline can be tackled by incorporating some changes in our diet. To ease your confusion down, we got inputs from Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Metabolic Consultant at Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre.

Hair Loss

If you are losing hair continuously, that is if you are losing hair in patches you need to try anti-body correction.

Pay Attention 

If you are losing hair over a period of time i.e for months and years that too needs attention the main cause nutritional deficiency and specifically protein deficiency.

Change In Diet 

You can prevent hair loss by taking the diet. Include eggs, chicken, milk, cheese, nuts, berries. You also need to ensure that your micronutrients are sorted for e.g zinc, copper, selenium

Hormonal Changes 

Another cause of hair fall is the hormonal imbalance. For e.g increase in testosterone as seen in PCOD patients. They need a good amount of milk thistle and green nettle roots as a part of their diet.