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    4 Epic Beauty Trends Forecasted To Be All The Rage In 2023

    Craving for a new makeup look in 2023? We’ve got four ideas just for you. Here's a curated collection of makeup trends that’ll do the magic for you and surely make heads turn wherever you go.
    Updated at - 2023-01-20,13:14 IST

    Bringing in a gorgeous gift of beauty trends that will be all the rage this year. So, get ready to top all the makeup charts when you rock these looks. 

    We live in the age of all things social media where Instagram is running through the veins of the Millennials and TikTok does the same for the Gen Z. With influencers becoming the OG trendsetters and the internet becoming the go-to destination for catching up on all the trends daily, our lives have become very digital and internet oriented. 

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    Makeup, beauty, skincare and more are flooding our Instagram feeds and we see some of the most iconic beauty trends that’ll become big this year. We’ve seen a bunch of celebrities including Sonakshi Sinha, Katrina Kaif, Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez and more carry  trends like stick-on nails, pretty-in-pink blush look, glazed donut nails and more. Some of these trends appear to be very in and out the beauty corridors, but we assure you that a few are here to stay for good in 2023.beat

    Here are the four beauty trends that’ll surely go viral in 2023.

    Graphic Eyes Will Do All The Magic graphic eye

    One of the OG makeup trends we foresee is a pair of very expressive, bold and beautiful eyes laden with graphic makeup. This trend will be a sure hit with the Gen Z. 

    Glass Skin Is Always Inglass skin

    The Korean gift to the skincare scene is layering a bunch of skincare goodies that’ll make you glow like a glazed donut. Hence comes glass skin that is basically very hydrated and moisturised skin on the inside-out that’ll make you the centre of attention in any room you enter.

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    The Fake Hairline Trend Is Acehairline

    We bring to you this Kim Kardashian-inspired fake hairline trend that is here to stay this year. Kardashian, of course, was an early adopter of the trend and is making us follow it like crazy. This trick apparently works best with tight, slicked-back styling and gives you an instant appearance of naturally thick and full hair.

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    Cold Girl Makeup Lookcold girl

    Last but not the least, the ultimate Makeup Look that is doing the rounds across all beauty alleys is the cold girl makeup. Add lots of hydration to your skin and then bring colour to it by adding lip-and-cheek tint across the face. There you have it, your OG cold girl makeup look.












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