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  • Guest Author
  • hervoice, 08 Mar 2022, 16:48 IST

'Ishwari' Outshine Your Limitlessness; Celebrating The Spirit Of Being A Woman

This inspiring poem by Abha Godiyal Kakkar is for the empowered women of today.
  • Guest Author
  • hervoice, 08 Mar 2022, 16:48 IST
women's day ()

I was born and raised in Uttarakhand. Initially worked as a curriculum designer for the well-known Mussoorie-based NGO, SIDH. I am currently employed as a teacher at Delhi's Montfort School. My father was a poet and an army officer. My mother, too, was a contributor to local publications. My Instagram account is a platform to express my creative self. I enjoy reading, writing, cooking a variety of meals, and I adore flowers. A woman who is fiercely independent and passionate lies behind my sweet words and homely appearance. My husband, two lovely daughters, and Simba all love me.



aksar poochhti hoon khud se .... 

tu svar hai

tu shabd hai

tu muh sil kar kyun baith gaye ?  


tu atuly bodh hai

tu alaukik gyaan hai

tu aapna maan padhna kyun bhool gayi ? 


tu sagar se aviral hai

tu nadiya ke jal se nirmal hai 

tu banjar zameen ban kar kyun reh gayi ? 


tu purnima ka jvaar hai

tu uphanatee laharo ka unmaad hai

tu ret ka gharonda ban kar kyun reh gayi ?


tu dil hai tu jaan hai

tu mastishk hai tu pran hai 

tu sirf jangho ke beech ki jagah ban kar kyun reh gayi ? 


tu janani hai

tu ardhangini hai 

tu bas ghar ke kaam karne vali ban ke kyun reh gayi ? 


tu amrit hai

tu prasad hai

tu chai ki thandi piyali ban kar kyun reh gayi ?


aaj khud ko samjhane samajhane ka waqt aaya hai 


 tu sashakt hai tu samarth hai

 tu laavanya hai vaatsalya hai

 tu aadi hai anadi hai

 tu ek sampoorna naari hai.


Poet - Abha Godiyal Kakar

(Abha Godiyal Kakkar is not only a teacher but a poet as well and is quite active on social media)


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