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My Most Loved Women Empowering Moments From Bollywood Movies

Though there are only a handful of Bollywood movies that are sending empowering messages, here are my favourite ‘Yasss Queen’ moments from a few of them.
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Published -30 Sep 2021, 19:29 ISTUpdated -06 Oct 2021, 13:09 IST
Empowering bollywood moviess

Most Bollywood films have a stereotypical depiction of women, but there are a handful that focus on women's lives and send empowering messages that are much needed in our society. Here’re my most loved impactful and relatable ‘Yasss Queen’ moments from Bollywood movies. Go watch them with your girl gang to feel on top of the world!

Chak De! India

inspiring bollywood movies chak de india hervoice

That thrilling finale of India vs Australia has a very beautiful moment between Preeti and Komal. These two were always shown at loggerheads but the night before the finale they argued about who would score the most goals. Preeti states the reason for playing tough till now was not to bring Komal’s ego down but that of her demeaning boyfriend’s. At the finale, Komal had a chance to score for herself but she passed that ball to Preeti saying “Jaa, dikha de us launde ko'' and Preeti scored the final goal and in return Preeti let Komal strike a penalty for her. 

If this isn't the power of female friendships, what is? 

English Vinglish

inspiring bollywood movies english vinglish hervoice

Didn’t you feel so proud when Shashi delivered that wholesome, heartwarming speech in English in the end and left everybody in Wow? She proves that you can always put the naysayers (in this case her own husband and kids) aside and rediscover yourself at any stage of your life. 

“Sometimes in a marriage, we don’t even know how the other person feels, so how will they help one another? that is the time you have to help yourself, nobody can help you better than you, do this and you will come back feeling equal.”


inspiring bollywood movies queen hervoice

Other than the fact that this movie gives us major solo travel goals, this movie clears the air on how a marriage is not the end-all of life. Heartbroken, timid Rani comes back from her solo honeymoon trip to Europe happy, strong, and independent.

Queen Moment

She returns her engagement ring to her ex-fiance and smiles all the way back to her home. Rani’s journey is a message that we don’t need people who put us down. You need to keep walking ahead with your head up!

Dil Dhadakne Do

inspiring bollywood movies dil dhadakne do hervoice

When Ayesha, Sunny and Manav are talking about achieving gender equality and changing times, Manav flaunts proudly the fact that he “allowed” Ayesha to run her own business and Sunny, comes back with a savage yet eye-opening comeback, “But usse tumhari permission ki zaroorat kyu he? Tum jab kisi ko allow karte ho tum apne aap ko ek authority ki position me dalte ho aur ye barabari nai hui.” This scene in a subtle way highlights the hypocrisy and gender inequality present in our society.


inspiring bollywood movies thappad hervoice

“Just a slap but, nahi mar sakta”. This short yet powerful moment in the movie stands for women everywhere, including myself and speaks “enough is enough”. In a time when we have movies justifying violence as an expression of love, this movie serves as a reminder to all women to stand against unfair practices that have been ‘normalized’ by our patriarchal society.

Bollywood has begun to produce more films like these, and I am really excited to shout “Yass Queen” in more empowering moments to come.

Writer: Sayli Dhodapkar
(The author is a media graduate, who loves to read books and write blogs. In her free time, one can find her trying new food and exploring new places)

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